Exhibit at the Boat Show

What is the MYW Boat Show

Boat Show MYW is the first permanent digital boat show that you can visit wherever you are from smartphones, tablets and computers.

You can find it within giornaledellavela.com and barcheamotore.com, and you can visit it as a physical boat show. Inside you will find displayed the best of boating: accessories, boats, shipyards, events, tourism and services. Being there is a great opportunity for your company.

Why exhibit at the MYW Boat Show

Because with a booth at the digital boat show you reach an audience of 2,000,000 contacts, all sea lovers, boating enthusiasts and Sea Lovers.

By exhibiting at the MYW Boat Show you can tell your reality and products to your target audience, who can contact you very easily by filling out the email form on your booth page and product pages.

Become an exhibitor at the MYW Boat Show

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