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Do you have a Classic Boat of historical value by Journal of Sailing? Do you want to enhance it as it deserves?

Here is the first step you must take to certify the value of one of the Classic Boats on our list.


The initial step in getting the Classic Boat viewed and verified by a certified expert “by Giornale della Vela,” who after assessing the boat’s condition is able to fill out an appraisal form and certify the boat’s historical value.
The surveyors selected to be accredited with “Classic boats of historical value by Journal of Sailing” to contact are:

Davide Zerbinati

“The best advertising is done by our customers themselves, not only because we meet their needs and provide a winning product, but also because they know that with us they have a sure guarantee of achieving independence and being able to navigate anywhere without surprises. Provide expert witness services for insurance companies in the areas of liability, kasco, fire and theft, weather, vandalism, third-party liability, and professional liability. What are the reasons why more and more clients are relying on us for consultants , simply to avoid mistakes that can take away your ability to enjoy the sea.”

Danilo Fabbroni

Danilo Fabbroni, is one of the great experts on Classic Boat boats. He sailed as a crew member and deckhand on some of the most important racing boats of the 1980s and 1990s such as Brava, Yena, Pinta; Sagittario and participated in top regattas such as Admiral’s Cup, One Ton Cup, Sardinia Cup, and Rotta del Rhum. He then became a professional rigger. He was Harken’s technical support manager and lectured at Faculty of Naval Engineering of European Institute of Design. He wrote a nautical best seller, “Rigging.” He is a registered appraiser.

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