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13 October 2021
lazy jack

The revolutionary fork-shaped lazy jack for your boat

Marco Mastantuono, a sailor from Ancona and a reader of ours, has invented a system that will get you talking. A steel fork-shaped lazy jack (fixed […]
29 September 2021
dufour yachts

Beware of an incompetent consultant. You could lose the sale of your used boat

The sale of a used boat that has already been sold has been cancelled due to the incompetence of a consultant. This is not the first […]
17 September 2021

Moorsimply: the all-Italian mooring assistance device

Press a button on your smartphone and moor the boat yourself. How is this possible? The Italian start-up MoorSimply has patented an innovative mooring assistance device […]
3 September 2021

TRENDS Everyone wants an electric motor on their boat

There is a boom in the number of owners and shipyards asking for an electric propulsion system for their boats. Guido Sodano, who imports Oceanvolt to […]
1 September 2021
boat cocts

How much does it really cost to maintain a new or used boat?

Are you buying a new or used boat or have the idea of buying it? Great, but do you know what it costs you each year […]
27 August 2021

The champion’s advice for inshore trolling

  Summer on a boat is the best time to enjoy fishing with some simple and effective techniques. With the precious advice of Garmin ambassador Antonello […]
28 July 2021
slips dolphin

Slips Dolphin: the non-polluting antifouling paint that lasts 5 years

We saw it for the first time aboard the brand-new Vismara VXR5. We’re talking about the revolutionary Slips Dolphin silicone antifouling paint. The way it works […]
7 July 2021
Joy Cleat

Joy Cleat: a new all-Italian system for effortless mooring

There’s a new all-Italian system for effortless mooring. You will no longer need anyone at the bow to break their backs with the transom, and you […]
28 May 2021

BOATWORKING: Your office aboard. Here’s how and what you need

Boatworking – smart working with a sea view? You couldn’t ask for better. Fabio Portesan, who lives aboard his Oceanis 430 with his family (partner, two […]