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17 June 2022
Sailproof SP08

On Test. Sailproof SP08: the super-tablet for your boat

Sailproof SP08 is a tablet specifically designed for sailors. We have tested its waterproof, rugged and connectivity features SailProof SP08, our on-board test The Sailproof SP08 […]
13 April 2022

When fine-trimming the mainsail traveller makes all the difference

The trimming of the mainsail traveller, which seems to be out of fashion on modern super cruisers, is nevertheless an essential aspect when it comes to […]
1 April 2022
acqua a bordo

VIDEO. How to save a leaky boat and its crew

The Hanse 588 started taking on water while sailing towards Poole (Dorset, England). It was a quarter to five in the afternoon when the cruise passengers […]
25 March 2022

Space-saving accessories. From furling boat hook to universal handle

The following is a selection of three smart and extraordinarily space-saving marine accessories that will certainly improve your life on board. Three smart accessories for your […]
11 March 2022

Interview with the wind: how it affects a boat, where it comes from and how it manifests itself

The installation you see above is called Peine del Viento (Wind Comb): it is the work of Eduardo Chillida, dedicated to the wind. It is located […]
21 January 2022

MAN OVERBOARD. How to save him

Together with oceanic sailor Sergio Frattaruolo, we have drawn up a scheme to face the worst emergency on board: the fall of a crew member overboard. […]
10 December 2021
ritenuta del boma agecanonix

How to rig a sailboat boom preventer (and avoid tragedies)

  The tragedy aboard the X4.3 ‘Agecanonix’ at the ARC, and the death of a French crew member, Max Delannoy, due to boom impact, puts the […]
3 December 2021

ACCESSORIES, 12 top products for your boat seen at METS

From METS Amsterdam (the most important B2B nautical accessories show), we show you 12 of the most interesting innovations for equipping your boat, chosen from among […]
22 October 2021
regatta drink

Regatta: drinks for real sailors

There are many drinks that have made their fortunes by saying that sailors sipped them. Rum has made its fortune by being said to be the […]