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21 January 2022

MAN OVERBOARD. How to save him

Together with oceanic sailor Sergio Frattaruolo, we have drawn up a scheme to face the worst emergency on board: the fall of a crew member overboard. […]
10 December 2021
ritenuta del boma agecanonix

How to rig a sailboat boom preventer (and avoid tragedies)

  The tragedy aboard the X4.3 ‘Agecanonix’ at the ARC, and the death of a French crew member, Max Delannoy, due to boom impact, puts the […]
3 December 2021

ACCESSORIES, 12 top products for your boat seen at METS

From METS Amsterdam (the most important B2B nautical accessories show), we show you 12 of the most interesting innovations for equipping your boat, chosen from among […]
22 October 2021
regatta drink

Regatta: drinks for real sailors

There are many drinks that have made their fortunes by saying that sailors sipped them. Rum has made its fortune by being said to be the […]
13 October 2021
lazy jack

The revolutionary fork-shaped lazy jack for your boat

Marco Mastantuono, a sailor from Ancona and a reader of ours, has invented a system that will get you talking. A steel fork-shaped lazy jack (fixed […]
29 September 2021
dufour yachts

Beware of an incompetent consultant. You could lose the sale of your used boat

The sale of a used boat that has already been sold has been cancelled due to the incompetence of a consultant. This is not the first […]
17 September 2021

Moorsimply: the all-Italian mooring assistance device

Press a button on your smartphone and moor the boat yourself. How is this possible? The Italian start-up MoorSimply has patented an innovative mooring assistance device […]
3 September 2021

TRENDS Everyone wants an electric motor on their boat

There is a boom in the number of owners and shipyards asking for an electric propulsion system for their boats. Guido Sodano, who imports Oceanvolt to […]
1 September 2021
boat cocts

How much does it really cost to maintain a new or used boat?

Are you buying a new or used boat or have the idea of buying it? Great, but do you know what it costs you each year […]