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Sailing equipment

30 April 2022

Why it is convenient to change winches and furlers. New products by Bamar and Harken

Renew your boat, making it “up-to-date” or rather appropriate to the times. How? With new accessories. We searched for you at Milano Yachting Week – The […]
19 March 2022
Giovanni Soldini

Which enamels, paints and primers does Giovanni Soldini use? Find out at MYW!

Did you know that at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show you can find enamels, primers and paints used by Italy’s most famous sailor? […]
12 February 2022
punto nautico

Mooring lines: which ones to choose and why Punto Nautico XL reveals it to you

The importance of mooring lines is often underestimated. And we find ourselves, in moments of difficulty, having to maneuver during the docking phase with very heavy […]
22 January 2022

With AST the sails maneuver, adjust and hoist by themselves

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show... sails adjust themselves. How is this possible? Thanks to AST, an acronym for Assisted Sail Trim, conceived […]
16 January 2022
Elvstrøm sails

Cruising sails are serious business. Word from Elvstrøm!

Cruising sails are often not given the right importance. “It’s not like I have to win the Middle Sea or the round-the-world race,” is the common […]
15 January 2022

Fresh water even for small boats with Osmosea

Shower on the boat when you want, without having to say “please use a little”. At the Milano Yachting Week – The digital Boat Show there […]
8 January 2022
zen glasses

ZEN glasses: boat production waste turns into sunglasses

More and more everyday products are being designed with an eye to environmental sustainability and recycling. The boating industry and its allied industries, rarely but not […]
27 November 2021

Better natural or synthetic teak? Dilemma solved with the composite one!

Better natural teak or synthetic teak for boat flooring? There is a solution to this dilemma and you can find it exclusively at Milano Yachting Week […]
20 November 2021
Ecoracer 769

Ecoracer 769, discover how to sail harder in eco mode

Do you really want to have fun sailing? Don’t you want to be part of the polluters of the sea? Do you want to get in […]