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Milano Yachting Week

14 May 2022
equinoxe yachts

USED BOATS Three unique jewels from 20 to 38 meters at the digital boat show

There are those who every day search the world market for the best used boats, check their condition and that everything is in order and then […]
30 April 2022

Why it is convenient to change winches and furlers. New products by Bamar and Harken

Renew your boat, making it “up-to-date” or rather appropriate to the times. How? With new accessories. We searched for you at Milano Yachting Week – The […]
23 April 2022

Which of these “over 65s” do you like best?

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about pensioners! At the Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show, there is no shortage of boats over 65 feet […]
16 April 2022
tilli antonelli

VIDEO Tilli Antonelli tells his story: “Me, Raul Gardini and sailing”.

Don’t miss, in the events area of Milano Yachting Week, our long chat with Tilli Antonelli, one of the great personalities of the nautical and motorboat […]
10 April 2022

MeteoMed: the weather forecast service that makes you feel comfortable

Meteomed, here are the weather forecasts that make you feel comfortable Meteomed’s weather forecast service for the Mediterranean that you can find at the digital boat […]
9 April 2022
Dufour 530

Three boats in one hull. The winning recipe of the Dufour 530

Dufour has always been accustomed to being an avant-garde shipyard. Just think that the first boat produced in large series, has invented almost fifty years ago […]
2 April 2022
Nordship 40 DS

Discover the custom 40-footer. The secrets of the Nordship 40 DS

  At At the Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, you will be able to discover how the Danish masters of the Nordship boatyard […]
27 March 2022
Equinoxe Yachts

Equinoxe Yachts: the best solution to buy or rent a boat

There are those who know everything about boating and the sea. There aren’t many who can say so and, above all, who put their boundless knowledge […]
19 March 2022
Giovanni Soldini

Which enamels, paints and primers does Giovanni Soldini use? Find out at MYW!

Did you know that at Milano Yachting Week – The Digital Boat Show you can find enamels, primers and paints used by Italy’s most famous sailor? […]