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8 February 2021

TECHNIQUE: Rudder failure, how to manage it without anyone’s help

The sailor Luca Sabiu started a survey via whatsapp contacting more than 80 yachtsmen and making them a specific request: “Tell me the first two maneuvers […]
8 February 2021

Lagoon Sixty 5: when the catamaran speaks the language of luxury cruising

The catamaran giant Lagoon, belonging to the Beneteau group, is ready to arrive on the market with a new luxury catamaran, the Lagoon Sixty 5, which […]
8 February 2021

Sailing from Rimini to Venice on a recycled plastic catamaran

Stefano Rossini (journalist), Matteo and Pietro Munaretto (radio and TV technician and municipal police officer respectively) are not happy that our sea is full of plastic. […]
8 February 2021
Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa in the final of Prada Cup, swept away American Magic

No concession to the adversary, no hesitation. Luna Rossa had to be cynical, ruthless, and it was. American Magic prepares to check out of the hotel, […]
8 February 2021

VIDEO The 30 boats that have made sailing history

There are some boats that, more than others, make us dream. Joshua evokes the exploits of Moitessier as Calypso reminds us all of the documentaries of […]
8 February 2021
oceanis 40.1

The 12-meter that challenges the 14-meter. Find out why the Oceanis 40.1 is so big.

We’re talking about the Beneteau Oceanis 40.1 that few people have been able to see live, due to the cancellation of boat shows. But just go […]