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Gentlemen & Skippers

18 August 2021
Max Sirena

On holiday with Max Sirena. Places, tips and secrets of Luna Rossa’s skipper for a perfect cruise

The skipper of Luna Rossa as you’ve never seen him before. Between one America’s Cup and another, he loves to go on a cruise with his […]
4 August 2021
Andrea Mura supercat

All the secrets of Andrea Mura ‘s supercatamaran/home

Great sailors are said to be rough, minimalist and to love hard, pure and tiring life on board, without the comforts we are used to in […]
9 July 2021
superyacht palma

VIDEO and PHOTOS. Enjoy the superyacht show in Palma

Great sailors, spectacular superyachts and a breathtaking location. All the ingredients were there to make the 25th anniversary of the Superyacht Cup in Palma de Mallorca […]
25 June 2021
fast boats

VIDEO Sailing at 80 knots? Here are the record-breaking astroboats

  The hunt for the world sailing speed record is on again: the target is 150 km/h (80.9935 miles per hour). Possible? yes, if you watch […]
14 May 2021
ZEUS200 generator

VIDEO. ZEUS200: eco-friendly, silent and motorless

ZEUS200: the innovative boat generator It uses an ancient technology (rediscovered even by NASA), it’s eco-friendly, silent, motorless and does not produce vibrations. Mobil Tech’s ZEUS200 […]
12 March 2021
Morgana Southern Wind

VIDEO. How a custom 30-meter yacht is made

The new Southern Wind 100-foot (30.5 m) sailing yacht Morgana has arrived in the Mediterranean. With naval architecture by Reichel Pugh and exterior and interior design […]
18 February 2021
SSB weather App

HOW TO – How to download SSB weather forecast with a radio and an offline App

Today, we want to tell you about a very interesting topic: how to download marine weather forecast reports in text format with just a radio and […]
8 February 2021

VIDEO The 30 boats that have made sailing history

There are some boats that, more than others, make us dream. Joshua evokes the exploits of Moitessier as Calypso reminds us all of the documentaries of […]