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Cruising and Chartering

15 February 2021

Escaped from the poverty of Niger, he has found happiness in sailing

Today, we’ll tell you about a beautiful story of sailing and redemption. The protagonists are two: Yahia, a boy born in the very poor Niger who […]
12 February 2021
jimmy cornell

80-year-old Jimmy Cornell sets sail in electric boat for round-the-world trip

80-year-old sailor and journalist Jimmy Cornell left for his fifth world tour by boat, this time in the wake of Magellan. The Romanian-born British yachtsman, founder […]
11 February 2021
cuttlefish fishing

Special technique: cuttlefish fishing from your sailboat

Do you like winter boating? Fishing is your passion but you think it is possible only in summer? The following article illustrates an easy and funny […]
28 December 2018
boat tax in Greece

Goodbye holidays in Greece? The boat tax comes and is also expensive

Goodbye boat holidays in the Aegean, goodbye islands in the Sporades, goodbye moussaka? Discussed for years, the boat tax finally arrives in Greece. The infamous “Monti […]