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Cruising and Chartering

7 May 2021

Morgan Freeman and his sailboats (none of them is “cool”)

We take our cue from an article that has been recently published on Luisa Fezzardini’s blog to tell you about an “unsuspected” sailor: Oscar-winning actor Morgan […]
28 April 2021
Mauro Morandi

Budelli’s guardian Mauro Morandi leaves the island: ” After 32 years, I’m sick of this”

“I’ve been fighting against those who want to send me away for around 20 years, even if I’ve always been supported, not only psychologically, by the […]
26 March 2021
Best places to sail to in the world

5 best places to sail to at least one in a lifetime

The question a US yacht charter company asked a selected sample of 100 regular customers (for at least 10 years) and experienced sailors was fascinating: where […]
14 March 2021
Albert Einstein sailor

Albert Einstein and his endless passion for sailing

It was his favourite sport. ” Sailing is the only sport which demands no physical effort“, he said. Albert Einstein was not only the greatest scientist […]
18 February 2021
Polarquest 2018

Sailing in the North Pole and looking for a missing airship, they find plastic

There is a beautiful exhibition in Cagliari, in Via S.Salvatore da Horta 2, until November 30th. It called “82 ° 07’Nord- on a sailing boat on […]
15 February 2021
Josh Shankle and Rachel Moore

Raise your hand if you’re not envious of Josh and Rachel!

Do you want to travel by boat for free, exploring pristine landscapes from the comfort of your home? Take a look at the blog on we […]
15 February 2021
Madmax Charter

MadMax Charter – Mediterranean catamaran cruising

It stands out from all the other charter companies because the owner, a long-experienced skipper and boat owner, takes care everything alone. This way, customers have […]
15 February 2021

Escaped from the poverty of Niger, he has found happiness in sailing

Today, we’ll tell you about a beautiful story of sailing and redemption. The protagonists are two: Yahia, a boy born in the very poor Niger who […]
12 February 2021
jimmy cornell

80-year-old Jimmy Cornell sets sail in electric boat for round-the-world trip

80-year-old sailor and journalist Jimmy Cornell left for his fifth world tour by boat, this time in the wake of Magellan. The Romanian-born British yachtsman, founder […]