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Boats and Shipyards

18 February 2021
Polarquest 2018

Sailing in the North Pole and looking for a missing airship, they find plastic

There is a beautiful exhibition in Cagliari, in Via S.Salvatore da Horta 2, until November 30th. It called “82 ° 07’Nord- on a sailing boat on […]
18 February 2021
Futura 49

Goodbye space problems! Here is Futura 49, the width-adjustable catamaran

Do you worry that you have to pay an expensive mooring rate because your catamaran is too wide? The German shipyard Futura Yacht Systems has the […]
18 February 2021
Mal di Plastica departure in Rimini

A 100-mile cruise on a catamaran made from 3,000 plastic bottles

Italian journalist Stefano Rossini, tv radio technician and local police officer Matteo and Pieteo Munaretto do not accept that our sea is so full of plastic. […]
17 February 2021
Ice Cat 67

Ice Cat 67: technology and safety at 30 knots

After the great success of the ICE CAT 61, the new Ice Cat 67 enters the market as the largest sailing catamaran ever built in Italy, […]
17 February 2021
HH Catamarans

Catamarans: in balance between comfort and pursuit of performance

                          Increasingly popular and appreciated, catamarans are built by a large number of shipyards […]
15 February 2021
vitalia II

Vitalia II, the legendary catamaran to sail around the world

50 days and three years. Very different times for the same travel on the same boat. This is the story of a boat owner, passionate of […]
12 February 2021
Nautitech 40 Open

Nautitech 40 Open: the open-space catamaran revised by Bavaria

While the Nautitech 40 Open is nothing new in itself, the philosophy that the German shipyard Bavaria has wanted to adopt for this 40-footer is certainly […]
11 February 2021
Shogun 50

Shogun 50: a high-tech racer from the Baltic Sea

The request came from an owner who wants to use the boat to sail along the Swedish archipelagos in the Baltic Sea without renouncing the pleasure […]
11 February 2021
The Maltese Falcon

What will happen to Perini Navi and who could be the new owner

We have already talked about how Perini Navi has gone bankrput: now, it’s time to understand who could be the new owner of the iconic Italian […]