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Accessories and Practice

7 May 2022
garmin marine

Your boat’s electronics are already old. Find out how to renew it

Renew your boat, making it “up to date” or, better said, adapted to the times. How? With new accessories. We have searched for you at Milano […]
6 April 2022

Oji Nautic 01: a little device to eliminate plastic bottles on board!

Having drinking water on board is essential when boating, whether for a few hours or a few days’ cruise. People often choose to carry a load […]
30 March 2022
xantrex xplore

Xplore: the super charger for all batteries

Everyone on a cruise would like to be able to enjoy a fresh drink from the fridge, listen to music, cook, and have pure fresh water […]
15 October 2021
north sails

Boat sails: costs and types

Autumn is here and with it the list of works to be done on your boat, sails included. Any boat owner will include an engine overhaul […]
13 October 2021
lazy jack

The revolutionary fork-shaped lazy jack for your boat

Marco Mastantuono, a sailor from Ancona and a reader of ours, has invented a system that will get you talking. A steel fork-shaped lazy jack (fixed […]
17 September 2021

Moorsimply: the all-Italian mooring assistance device

Press a button on your smartphone and moor the boat yourself. How is this possible? The Italian start-up MoorSimply has patented an innovative mooring assistance device […]
9 April 2021
Vesper Marine Cortex V1

Cortex V1: the new advanced VHF-AIS-MOB system

Today, we’ll talk about a new and innovative product: The Cortex V1 by Vesper Marine, an advanced multi-station VHF-AIS- MOB-GPS system with touchscreen operation, compatible with […]
21 March 2021

Full-batten mainsail? This system will solves all problems

Full-batten mainsails (i.e. with battens running along its entire width) usually require an efficient sliding system. The common mainsail luff is not enough: usually, a special […]
19 March 2021
Rolex TP52 World Championship 2019

HOW TO – Quick Guide: how to use your telltales and wind indicators

Telltales are a very powerful tool to help with sail trim, even of the most “extreme” racers like TP52 (picture above) andAC75 yachts. HOW TO USE […]