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Giornale della Vela

12 February 2021
mussel industry pollution

“Mussel farms destroy our sea”

Guglielmo van Holtzen comments on the Facebook Medplastic Team group: “ A huge amount of these pieces of net are dispersed by mussel farms. Their origin […]
12 February 2021
Cap Ferrat marina

Marina berths in France: fees and situations

  In the Mediterranean French marinas, mooring fees are usually around 3,790 euros/year for a 10-meter boat, which become 5,159 euros for a 12-meter one. The […]
12 February 2021
Ronstan Battlestick

Power is nothing without control. That’s why the right tiller extension is essential

Power is nothing without control. The new fixed telescopic tiller extensions by Ronstan Battlestick are the ideal option for dinghies, sport boats and tiller boats since […]
12 February 2021
Nautitech 40 Open

Nautitech 40 Open: the open-space catamaran revised by Bavaria

While the Nautitech 40 Open is nothing new in itself, the philosophy that the German shipyard Bavaria has wanted to adopt for this 40-footer is certainly […]
12 February 2021
jimmy cornell

80-year-old Jimmy Cornell sets sail in electric boat for round-the-world trip

80-year-old sailor and journalist Jimmy Cornell left for his fifth world tour by boat, this time in the wake of Magellan. The Romanian-born British yachtsman, founder […]
11 February 2021
Shogun 50

Shogun 50: a high-tech racer from the Baltic Sea

The request came from an owner who wants to use the boat to sail along the Swedish archipelagos in the Baltic Sea without renouncing the pleasure […]
11 February 2021
cuttlefish fishing

Special technique: cuttlefish fishing from your sailboat

Do you like winter boating? Fishing is your passion but you think it is possible only in summer? The following article illustrates an easy and funny […]
11 February 2021
The Maltese Falcon

What will happen to Perini Navi and who could be the new owner

We have already talked about how Perini Navi has gone bankrput: now, it’s time to understand who could be the new owner of the iconic Italian […]
11 February 2021

Vendée Globe: Bestaven doubles Cape Horn in a storm. Dailin second.

Yannick Bbestaven, on his Maitre Coq foiler, is the first skipper to double Cape Horn, followed by Charlie Dalin on Apivia and Thomas Ruyant on Linkedout. […]