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Giornale della Vela

11 May 2021
ZEUS200 generator

VIDEO. ZEUS200: eco-friendly, silent and motorless

ZEUS200: the innovative boat generator It uses an ancient technology (rediscovered even by NASA), it’s eco-friendly, silent, motorless and does not produce vibrations. Mobil Tech’s ZEUS200 […]
9 May 2021
Foodinghy boat

The restaurant comes to your boat and you eat like a king with Foodinghy

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat Show you also discover what you don’t expect as Foodinghy. This innovative Foodinghy service allows us sea lovers […]
8 May 2021

Verga Plast. Take a transparent boat, buy it online and receive it at home

Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show is not only the boat show where you can find big boats. There are also really cool tenders […]
7 May 2021

Morgan Freeman and his sailboats (none of them is “cool”)

We take our cue from an article that has been recently published on Luisa Fezzardini’s blog to tell you about an “unsuspected” sailor: Oscar-winning actor Morgan […]
5 May 2021
AG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey

Welcome to the largest virtual race in the Mediterranean. Register now (for free)

Registrations are open! Welcome to TAG Heuer VELA Cup Med Odyssey, the largest race in the history of the Mediterranean, starting on May 15th: 4,600 miles […]
2 May 2021
Euphoria 68

The dream boat. It is called Euphoria 68, Frers designed it.

In the marina reserved for sailing boats of the Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show there is one of the most fascinating and intriguing […]
30 April 2021
Steinlager 2

Steinlager 2. Story of a boat that was the New Zealanders’ training ground

Those who followed the America’s Cup will have noticed that a beautiful red two-masted boat was often seen among the boats in the audience. Not by […]
28 April 2021
Mauro Morandi

Budelli’s guardian Mauro Morandi leaves the island: ” After 32 years, I’m sick of this”

“I’ve been fighting against those who want to send me away for around 20 years, even if I’ve always been supported, not only psychologically, by the […]
25 April 2021
Sealine C330

This is a 10-meter cruiser, but it looks much bigger

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show on the dock you will find the motor boat that lets you enter the magical world of […]