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They saw their boat sink in three minutes. Fear at “Tre Golfi”

Fear at the 66th ” Tre Golfi” (a 150-mile offshore race along the route Naples – Ponza – Li Galli – Capri). The seven crew members […]

Everyone in Sorrento! This year’s Tre Golfi Sailing Week is truly unmissable

It will be Sorrento, and no longer Capri, that will host the Tre Golfi Sailing Week (14-21 May 2022), the historic May race that opens the […]

The ORC Mediterranean Championship is back with the Tre Golfi Sailing Week. Don’t miss it!

As part of the historic Tre Golfi Sailing Week scheduled from May 14-21, the ORC Mediterranean Championship returns to Italy with its original format of buoy […]

Great! Vintage yachts return to race the Tre Golfi Sailing Week

To celebrate the vintage boats that made the race so successful in the early 1950s, this year the Tre Golfi competition will offer a wild card […]

Everyone likes the Tre Golfi Sailing Week. Don’t you believe it?

It may be the fabulous scenery, from Sorrento to the islands in the Gulf of Naples, or the many yacht classes lined up at the start, […]

What a spectacle the Tre Golfi between hi-tech racers and classic boats

Almost 100 people have now registered for the Tre Golfi Sailing Week. Among them are many ORC cabin cruisers and Maxi yachts that have reached the […]

Join the Tre Golfi and enjoy ORC racing!

This year’s Tre Golfi Sailing Week edition, which will be held from May 14-21 between the gulfs of Sorrento, Naples and Gaeta, dedicates the Mediterranean Championship […]

Tre Golfi Sailing Week: a not-to-be-missed festival

Would you like to sail in one of the most beautiful places in the world? Join the Tre Golfi Sailing Week, the most eagerly awaited event […]

The wonderful locations of the Tre Golfi Sailing Week

Tre Golfi Sailing Week The Sorrento Coast, the Gulfs of Naples, Gaeta and Salerno, as well as the wonderful Capri and Ischia islands for the backdrop […]