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Gennaker or Code Zero: which sail to choose to turn off the engine when cruising?

The warm season is upon us, and with it we begin to think about our first cruises and sailings in...
How to

Foils on a sailboat. How they work, advantages and disadvantages

What happens below the waterline of a traditional sailboat? What is hydrodynamics and why do hull and appendages affect the...

New sailboats: what’s coming to market between 15 and 19 meters

After the second installment dedicated to boats between 12 and 15 meters, our column dedicated to the market is back,...
Racing Regatta&Sport VELA Cup

The magnificent seven stages of the VELA Cup 2024

Team that wins, doesn't change. And there's no changing the VELA Cup, the regatta/festival circuit organized by GdV that brings...
Boat Show How to

Slovenian boat accessories you find on boats halfway around the world

In Valenje, Slovenia, there is a manufacturer that has been making accessories for installation on sailboats since 1998. It is...

New sailboats: what’s coming to market between 12 and 15 meters

After the first installment dedicated to boats between 9 and 11 meters, our column dedicated to the market is back,...

VIDEO Felci 63 is the new full-carbon fast cruiser (19m)

A boat tailor-made for an "evolved" owner with very clear ideas, Felci 63 is a 19-meter "full custom - full...
Racing Regatta&Sport The Cup Journal

Between surprises and confirmations, here are Luna Rossa’s Young and Women crews

After a long wait Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli has unveiled the names of the male and female sailors who will...
Cruises, Adventures&Hire

Goodbye to Giancarlo Lodigiani, one of the great gentlemen of sailing

One of the last gentlemen of Italian sailing, Giancarlo Lodigiani, 62, left prematurely. Reserved but energetic, he spent his life...
Boats and Shipyards Classic Boats

Three “new” Classic Boats between 13 and 14.5 meters that will increase in value

Classic Boats of Historical Value by Journal of Sailing never stops updating! Twenty new boats have arrived, one step closer...
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