Legendary Classic Boats: 5 80s masterpieces (130 to 200 thousand €)


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Hallberg Rassy 42 E

To talk about Classic Boats in general sometimes misses the nuances and subtleties that each design phase entailed, as well as its evolutions and philosophies. We selected 300 projects of excellence, 300 models of historical value to celebrate and enhance. With this in mind, we now want to explore the topic as it deserves, contextualizing each project and each boat to its time. Here now is a series of in-depth articles, brief overviews of 20 legendary Classic Boats, their design canons and their evolution decade by decade. Here, then, are 5 legendary Classic Boats of the 1980s (presented in order of average value).

Legendary Classic Boats: The 1980s (pt.3)

With the advent of the 1980s, the sailing world enters an increasingly “bipolar” design period. On the one hand, racing is depopulated, popularized by the pantheons of millionaire budgets (such as the America’s Cup or the Admiral’s Cups) and by the many mass-produced projects intended to satisfy hybrid needs, the fast cruisers; but on the other hand, a different need is also felt, that of departing from these worlds, seeking pure sailing and the pleasure of cruising. Thus, the obsession with racing is also opposed by a great many serial projects that, on the contrary, completely depart from what are the logics of the IOR. In short, a season of “extremes” opens, populated by some of the best serial performers as much as by some of the greatest bluewater of the decade. An exceptional combination of projects that, by exploring different solutions, will offer fundamental design responses to the rest of the decade. Remainder of a decade that, instead, will then see the growing crisis of the IOR rating system, with projects on the one hand more extreme and, on the other, more inclined to move toward the ever-closer new formula, the IMS.

Rustler 36

5 Legendary Classic Boats of the 1980s

With these five Classic Boats, then, we begin to see five hulls that well represent the decade. These are exceptional projects, boats that have ascended to iconic levels because of their qualities, achievements and success. Representing the “middle” price range, among the 80s legends, then here are 5 hulls between 130 and 200 thousand euros on average, perfect for cruising, racing or day trips.


Hallberg Rassy; 11.62 m; Cristoph Rassy & Olle Enderlein; 1984

A true bluewater, the 382 designed by Rassy and Enderlein is a hull more than true to the shipyard’s line. It is safe, it is well finished, and it goes everywhere comfortably. The numbers show it too, 116 boats sold in less than 8 years, one of the HR shipyard’s greatest successes. Today she lends herself to cruising exactly as she did at her launch. Its purpose is that, to take you everywhere.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €127,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Hallberg Rassy 382


Rustler Yachts; 10.77 m; Holman & Pye; 1980

Classic lines, heavy displacement, long keel and impeccable marine capabilities. It is a cult of British boating, a solid, durable boat and, basically, a bluewater with a handle: it goes everywhere. Not surprisingly, it won the 2019 Golden Globe, the “vintage” solo round-the-world race, demonstrating how it really is a top boat for this kind of activity-a must for serious sailing. Moreover, it is still in production. Simply put, it is an every-use boat, from day sailing to actual globetrotting, even just…

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €130,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Rustler 36 at Golden Globe 2018


Hallberg Rassy; 12.93 m; Cristoph Rassy & Olle Enderlein; 1980

It is perhaps the globetrotting bluewater by definition, a success story built from over 250 examples of which, so many have sailed far and wide, everywhere. Designed by the ingenious Rassy and Enderlein, the 42 (E) was a must for those looking for a boat capable of anything, a hull as elegant, clean and comfortable as few. Initially produced only as a ketch, it later became a sloop toward the latter stages of production. A cult more than relevant even today.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €160,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Classic Boat
Hallberg Rassy 42 E


Baltic Yachts; 13.21 m; Judel / Vrolijk; 1986

With the Baltic 43 we witness the second time Baltic has turned to the Judel/Vrolijk duo who, again, do not disappoint expectations. Building on the yard’s racing experience and quality construction, this 43-footer is a fast, high-quality and comfortable design. A beautiful, solid boat. For connoisseurs.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €161,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Classic Boat
Baltic Yachts


Baltic Yachts; 14.64 m; Doug Peterson; 1986

As the DP placed in the name of each of its designs for the shipyard emphasizes, the Baltic 48 DP was born as a continuation of the collaboration between the shipyard and Doug Peterson, respectively engaged on the fronts of layout and aesthetics the former, naval architecture and volumes the latter. Thus was born a hull that respects the Baltic philosophies of the mid-1980s: it is a high-performance cruiser that is fast and comfortable, ideal for cruising and performs well between buoys.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €200,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Baltic 48 DP

The three steps to enhance your Classic Boat

Well, is your boat a Classic Boat? Now we explain how to dignify Classic Boats by Journal of Sailing and increase their value. We have created a network of professionals dedicated to precisely this enhancement.

  • The first mandatory step in enhancing the value of a historic Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela is appraisal. We have identified two “top” appraisers(Davide Zerbinati and Danilo Fabbroni) who can draw up a real Classic Boat certification and see the historical value of the boat recognized. Only by careful analysis of the state of the property and its maintenance over the years, as well as checking that the original design has not been distorted, can its value be certified.
  • Insurance is the second essential step, after the appraisal. Today it is difficult for an insurance company to value a boat that is at least 25 years old for its true value. With the Classic Boat initiative, once an appraisal is obtained from our two appraisers, the intrinsic value of the boat is also received by the insurance broker David Assicurazioni. And if the appraisal certified the boat’s excellent condition–the premium becomes more affordable! HERE you can find out more about insurance!
  • Buying and selling is the third step that required dedicated professionals: we involved one of Italy’s leading brokers(Abayachting) capable of transposing the real value of each of the current 188 selected boats, both in the case of selling and buying. It helps you sell it or buy it at the best price by selecting the best buyer or buyer, performing an assessment of the boat’s condition.
  • Our “dream team” of appraisers, insurers and brokers can be contacted with one click directly from the boat tabs (Link here).



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