USED BOATS Sell 5 vessels “all flavors” from 8.60 to 9.99 m


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Used boats watercraft 8-10 m
The five used floating boats from 8.60 to 9.99 m for sale on our marketplace

We keep going to discover the best used boat bargains on our classifieds marketplace. Here you can sell and buy used boats (even historic Classic Boats by Giornale della Vela!), accessories, berths, find the right idea for your vacation, and even look for and offer jobs! Today we have scouted out for you five used boat vessels (i.e., not registered) from 8.60 to 9.99 m.

5 used boats from 8.60 to 9.99 m

You will find the ultra-sporty boat, two old IOR glories (one ready to sail, the other in need of a little love), a small cruiser perfect as a first boat for family cruising, a cruiser-racer in perfect condition with which to have fun even in regattas. All, however, are unregistered and thus out of the constraints of bureaucracy. We present them in ascending order of length. A safe used car: guarantees the Sailing Newspaper!

Ufo 28 – 8.60 m – A missile signed by Felci

The first of the used boats we offer is for those who like to have fun and feel the splash of water on their faces. In fact, a Ufo 28 (8.60 x 2.50 m, 3.60 with the terraces open) is for sale.

Used boats - Ufo 28
Used boats – Ufo 28

In 1995, a cult object designed by Umberto Felci was born. Ufo 28, built in series, is an innovative and radical design: it has wings, that is, a strong flaring on both sides to bring the crew as far out as possible to straighten the boat. In short, it is a thoroughbred of the Lake Garda free class, without a cabin just to experience strong sensations under sail.

A boat that brings together amateur and professional crews, it is a “missile” that has more than 50 launched!

The model for sale is “Hard Rock,” completely refitted in 2021, equipped with lots of sail play, carbon bowsprit, oversized mast and Honda outboard. The boat can be seen in Lavagna (Genoa): a good choice if you want to take some satisfaction out of racing or if you love to glide with friends!

Simeon Minaldo – 8.85 m – A Glorious Classic IOR

We continue with the second of the used boats for sale in our marketplace. We remain in the sphere of watercraft, with a Minaldo Half Tonner (8.85 x 3.04) designed in 1976 by Mino Simeone.

Used boats - Simeone Minaldo
Used boats – Simeone Minaldo

A distinctive boat, straight from the glorious IOR era, impeccably maintained. Basis you know that the deck plan still counts the original Barbarossa winches. This boat in 2017 was accepted as a “Spirit of Tradition” category for vintage boats. Her characteristics allow her to be entered in the AIVE’s Classic IOR regattas.

In 2006 the boat, which can be seen in Rimini, underwent a total refit, obviously philological. Here is the list of work done: dismantled and overhauled mast – dismantled and overhauled bulb – dismantled and overhauled rudder – complete restoration of deck, deckhouse and cockpit – replaced all windows and manholes – painted dead and live work – replaced all ceiling lights – mounted new battery charger – replaced battery disconnects.

Oceanis 31 – 9.66 m – Finot Conq’s “big boat”

The third of the used boats we offer today is a compact but comfortable cruiser that, in the year of its launch (2009) won the Boat of the Year award in the Family Cruiser category. We are talking about a Beneteau Oceanis 31 (9.66 x 3.39 m), designed by Finot Conq. A true “big boat” (it is under 10 meters, so it is not registered) that features XXL spaces perfect for family cruising.

Used boats – Oceanis 31

The hull of the Oceanis 31 presents a modern aesthetic, proportionate in its lines and with a good distribution of submerged volumes. Below deck, we find large spaces that enjoy natural light, diffused by the fenestration located on the deckhouse.

The crew is provided with two double cabins, one aft oriented by beam and the other forward. The kitchen has an L-shaped floor plan and offers everything needed for a mid-range cruise. The only bathroom is located to the right of the entrance staircase.

The model for sale, visible in La Spezia, is from 2010. It is powered by 21-horsepower Myanmar inboard and is equipped with solar panels and heater. Ready to sail.

Contention 33 – 9.98 m – The “signature” can be seen

The fourth of the used boats, also a vessel, requires some maintenance to return to its former glory, but it is a very good boat. We are talking about a Contention 33 (9.98 x 3.16 m), a three-quarter tonner IOR designed by the wizard Doug Peterson (the designer of the Luna Rossa “silver bullett” that made us dream in 2000, and of legendary hulls like the Ganbare).

Used boats - Contention 33
Used boats – Contention 33

The boat was built, starting in 1976, by the Southern Ocean shipyard in England. It was available in three configurations: you could buy just the shell and complete it as you wanted, in a competition version (where the forward area was dedicated to sail stowage), and in a cruise version (with a V-shaped cabin in the bow). In both versions, the dinette had space on the starboard side for the chart table and the galley on the port side. Aft, practically under the sides of the cockpit, the two double beds.

The boat for sale in Massa Lubrense is in cruise version (with 6 total beds). The hull is made of fiberglass, the mast of aluminum. While sailing, both sail and motor, as anticipated it needs partial restoration (electrical system to be redone and “tired sails”). This justifies its price, which is very low. Ideal if you want to bring to life a gem, agile sailing in all conditions, signed by a prestigious designer.

Elan 340 – 9.99 m – Humphreys’ big boat

We close our review of used boats for sale with an Elan 340 (10.45 x 3.46 m), which is a boat because its hull length is 9.99 m. A truly elegant ten-meter yacht, born from the pencil of British designer Rob Humphreys, who succeeded in creating a yacht with a compact but not massive line, modern but not extreme, proportionate and elegant on the water.

Used boats - Elan 340
Used boats – Elan 340

Comparing it with its predecessor Elan 333, the 340 model has about 60 cm more waterline length, which translates into better performance in medium winds as well as in power sailing.

Given the same displacement and sail area, the design ratios do not change much and define a hull with equally sporty, well-sailed characteristics and high form stability.

Very serviceable in all walking areas, it has a particularly clean layout thanks to the grille on the deckhouse, which made it possible to both conceal all the halyards and to flush the five hatches and two handrails.

The distribution of space follows that of the Elan 333, with some small but significant improvements in the size of the berths and forward cabin now equipped with ample storage. For the furniture, with flush, frameless doors, a light-colored wood such as Aningre was preferred, while a dark wenge was used for the dunnage.

The model for sale on our marketplace, a cruiser-racer version of the Elan 340, is in perfect condition, impeccably maintained. It is ORC-stabilized, so you can also do regattas. Visible at the Rimini Marina, she is from 2007 and her last refit is dated 2023.

Edited by Eugenio Ruocco

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