Legendary Classic Boats: 5 great icons of the 1970s (190 to 400+ thousand euros)


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Classic Boat
Swan 47

To talk about Classic Boats in general sometimes misses the nuances and subtleties that each design phase entailed, as well as its evolutions and philosophies. We selected 300 projects of excellence, 300 models of historical value to celebrate and enhance. With this in mind, we now want to explore the topic as it deserves, contextualizing each project and each boat to its time. Here now is a series of in-depth articles, brief overviews of 20 legendary Classic Boats, their design canons and their evolution decade by decade. Here, then, are 5 legendary Classic Boats from the 1970s (presented in order of average value).

Legendary Classic Boats: The 1970s (pt.4)

With the 1970s, the lessons and experiments of the previous period come fully into design, launching some of the most important shipyards and designers of the second half of the century. Competitive, quality hulls begin to appear on both sides of the market, moving from smaller sizes up to Maxi sizes. At the same time, lines change, beams increase, and slips decrease. It changes, in a nutshell, both the design and the philosophy behind the boats, which now range from the smallest cruisers to the largest successful hulls. Crucial to this phase, however, is also the introduction of a new canon, the IOR, which will see the start of an unparalleled season: cruisers, racers, performance cruisers and true bluewater will now begin to depopulate, expanding market segments in every plausible direction.

Swan 65

5 Legendary Classic Boats of the 1970s

With these five Classic Boats, we see five hulls that were able to both represent the excellence of the period and make several generations dream. They are exceptional boats that have become iconic everywhere because of their qualities, innovations, and performance, with qualifications and regattas becoming legendary. Representing the high price range, among the 1970s legends, here are five hulls between 190 and 600 thousand euros on average, perfect for cruising, racing or long weeks spent at sea.


Nautor Swan; 14.58 m; Sparkman & Stephens; 1975

With the Swan 47 we encounter the quintessential Sparkman & Stephens signature Swan: unmistakable retractable deckhouse, narrow, almost ‘heart-shaped’ stern, elegance to spare. Undoubtedly it was one of the most elegant and seaworthy boats of the second half of the 1970s, the lines are outstanding and the versatility of use is impeccable. Today, whether you want to try your hand at racing between classics, long cruises or champagne sailing sessions, you cannot be disappointed with the Swan 47. Produced in 70 examples it is, quite simply, a jewel among Classic Boats.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €196,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Swan 47


Baltic Yachts; 15.54 m; Cuthberson & Cassian; 1979

Produced in 24 examples and performing like few of its peers, the Baltic 51 was the cruiser-racer by definition, an evergreen that does not disappoint, even today. Innovative in terms of interior layout, with a spacious aft owner’s quarters whose configuration would soon after inspire many other shipyards, it is fast and easy to carry. A classic without a doubt, strong with a barely set back wide beam, narrow bow and impeccable lines that already wink at the next decade. Exactly as you might expect from the signature, C&C.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €215,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Baltic 51


Irwin Yachts (USA); 15.85 m; Ted Irwin; 1976

Forget IOR and regattas. The Irwin 52 is the real “best seller” Made in the USA, a fiberglass ketch that makes seamanship and comfort its strong points, so much so that it still has a strong international community of enthusiasts for the design and signature. In fact, Ted Irwin, famous for signing IOR hulls such as Black Magic and Razzle Dazzle, signs the lines of this bluewater with a more than classic flavor. Strengthened by continuous upgrades, it remained on the market for more than 15 years, boasting more than 300 examples still sailing today, demonstrating its excellent build quality.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €225,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Irwin 52

C&C 61

C&C Yachts; 18.67 m; Cuthberson & Cassian; 1971

Canadian shipyard C&C is the first in the world to dare to build 18-meter-plus boats in fiberglass. And he not only succeeds great, but also knows how to churn out flawless hulls. The C&C 61 is perhaps the emblem of this shipyard season. Not only is it futuristic, in fact, but it is also beautiful, with a perfect line and leapfrog rising toward the bow. Most elegant, she was an exceptional boat, great between the buoys and, today, faultless for cruising with a vintage flavor. A great hull.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €410,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

C&C 61


Nautor Swan; 18.68 m; Sparkman & Stephens; 1971

Legendary boat, destined to populate dreams. Elegant, high-performing and with an unbeatable pedigree, it was produced in as many as 41 examples, mainly ketch-rigged. Detail that, for a 65-footer, says a lot. It is, in fact, yet another Sparkman & Stephens masterpiece. Not only is it excellent for cruising, but it sails in any condition. In 1973 he won the first Whitbread Round the World Race, the round-the-world crewed race. Today it is an exceptional boat, perfect for those who want to continue racing in elegance, for those who are looking for an iconic hull to cruise with, and for those who, even as a day-sailer, are looking for the perfect representative boat. Simply put, he is an absolute icon.

Its AVERAGE VALUE is around €600,000. To find out its card and price range, open this LINK.

Swan 65 S&S
Swan 65 S&S

The three steps to enhance your Classic Boat

Well, is your boat a Classic Boat? Now we explain how to dignify Classic Boats by Journal of Sailing and increase their value. We have created a network of professionals dedicated to precisely this enhancement.

  • The first mandatory step in enhancing the value of a historic Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela is appraisal. We have identified two “top” appraisers(Davide Zerbinati and Danilo Fabbroni) who can draw up a real Classic Boat certification and see the historical value of the boat recognized. Only by careful analysis of the state of the property and its maintenance over the years, as well as checking that the original design has not been distorted, can its value be certified.
  • Insurance is the second essential step, after the appraisal. Today it is difficult for an insurance company to value a boat that is at least 25 years old for its true value. With the Classic Boat initiative, once an appraisal is obtained from our two appraisers, the intrinsic value of the boat is also received by the insurance broker David Assicurazioni. And if the appraisal certified the boat’s excellent condition–the premium becomes more affordable! HERE you can find out more about insurance!
  • Buying and selling is the third step that required dedicated professionals: we involved one of Italy’s leading brokers(Abayachting) capable of transposing the real value of each of the current 188 selected boats, both in the case of selling and buying. It helps you sell it or buy it at the best price by selecting the best buyer or buyer, performing an assessment of the boat’s condition.
  • Our “dream team” of appraisers, insurers and brokers can be contacted with one click directly from the boat tabs (Link here).



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