With this hydrogenerator just go 3 knots and recharge the batteries


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Hydro Charger Light
HydroCharger SwiTec Light

Hydro Charger Light is the new hydrogenerator that weighs less than 12 kg and is designed to generate electricity even at low speeds-perfect for keeping your devices charged during small cruises and coastal sailing. The Standard model of this hydrogenerator, manufactured by Swi-Tec, is popular aboard many boats, and now the smaller, lighter model aims to capture a new slice of boats and owners. This is because even on smaller boats today you can have comforts, conveniences and services that for a long time have been limited to models of more significant length.

It only takes 3 nodes to start generating power

TheHydro Charger Light is extremely versatile and starts generating power as early as a speed of only 3-4 knots, depending on the type of boat and propeller pitch setting. The power generated varies between 50 and 500 watts, depending on the speed of the boat and the condition of the battery. This means that no matter the size of your boat or the sea conditions, you will always have a reliable source of power to power your refrigerator, phone, laptop, autopilot, and other electronics.

The Hydro Charger Light’s lightweight design, weighing only 12 kg, makes it easy to handle and install. Here are its dimensions: gear motor with shaft and swivel stern bracket 110 x 10 x 30 cm, propeller diameter: 360 mm. Its sturdy stainless steel (V4A) construction ensures durability and strength even in the harshest conditions. This device is equipped with a pivoting bracket that keeps the generator upright in the water at all times, despite the boat’s heeling, and can be easily attached and detached thanks to a latch with a safety function.

In addition, the Hydro Charger Light can be rotated upward on either side when not in use or when the batteries are charged, thanks to a release retainer. Side stops on the generator and adjustment according to transom tilt ensure that the device always remains in the optimal position to generate power.

The system can also be used with lithium batteries, but in this case a relay must be installed between the HydroCharger and the charge controller. However, the advice is to consult the battery manufacturer before proceeding.

Charge controller data sheet

Power: 1,000 W (hydrogenerator max. 600 W, solar panels 400 W, max. 60 V DC)
Possible batteries: 12/24V, 200Ah/100Ah (automatic voltage detection)
Battery voltage for charging stop: 16 V/32 V (adjustable)
battery voltage for load disconnection: 11V/22V
charging current: 40 A (20 A at 24 V)
Loss of charge: less than or equal to 45 mA
Dimensions: 278 x 133 x 75 mm
Weight: 1.6 kg
Operating environment Temperature: -10° to 50° Celsius, relative humidity 0 to 90%
(Do not install in an outside locker, only inside!)

Hydro Charger Light: Price

For those who prefer to mount it on the bathing beach, Swi-Tec offers a special corner stand as an accessory. If you need an energy solution for coastal navigation, theHydro Charger Light is the perfect choice, and it costs 2,379 euros including VAT. However, for deep-sea sailing and long-distance travel, the advice is instead to look to the “big brother,” the Hydro-Charger Standard model, which is priced at 3,965 euros and offers even more power and longer energy range.



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