Classic Boat: 4 new “Classics” between 12 and 13 meters arrive


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First 42S7

Classic Boats of Historical Value by Journal of Sailing never stops updating! With this in mind, thanks in part to your suggestions, 19 new boats have arrived, 19 new Classic Boats to be celebrated and enhanced. We have now passed the 300-boat mark (300 Classic Boats!), which, rightly, are and will be able to increase in value, finally receiving the recognition they deserve, as well as the care and respect they need. Of course, others will be added to the list. In short, having a Classic Boat is finally paying off, and not only in terms of passion and satisfaction.

Discovering 4 new Classic Boats from 12 to 13 meters

In short, there are now 300+ boats for all budgets and sizes (6-30 meters) that are increasing in value and can prove to be real bargains, both for those who already have them and for those who want to buy one. Because, yes, Classic Boats increase in value. But not only an emotional value. A real increase in the value they deserve due to their characteristics of innovation, beauty, quality, and performance. Boats that are worth and will be worth more than others and will be even more celebrated over time. If you want to discover them all, explore our sections Historic Classic Boats e
Classic Boat News
. Instead, below we will take you on a tour of 4 new 12- to 13-meter Classic Boats.



Zeta Group; 1887; 12.3 m x 3.93 m; Zavatta + Groupe Finot

Conceived by Renzo Zavatta and Groupe Finot, already on the strength of the successes of Comar, in 1997 the pair created Queentime for Zeta Group. This is an attempt to restore life to the then nearly extinct motorsailer concept. An attempt that works. A hull is born that has no problem sailing, comfortable, marine and easily manageable, and yet, at the same time appreciable in motor and performance at this stage. The interior is comfortable, voluminous, and suitable for cruising.

Classic Boat


Beneteau; 1994; 12.95 m x 4.11 m; Bruce Farr / Phillippe Starck

In the mid-1990s Beneteau changed the formula and, in Stark, joined the great Bruce Farr. Out of this pairing comes the First 42 S7, in its 2-, 3- or 4-cabin versions. The goal, in this case, is more aimed toward performance than toward cruising, which, however, is not disdained. Now in the midst of the IMS, this design fully respects its canons, with structural counter-molding and hull lines adapted to the new regulations. The appendages are thin, the beam contained. Much attention is also paid to the deckhouse, where every maneuver is privileged.

Classic Boat
First 42S7

SWAN 43 (RH)

Nautor Swan; 1985 – 1990; 13.05 m x 4.00 m; Ron Holland

Also known as the Swan 432, so as not to confuse it with the 43 signed S&S, the Swan 43 is one of Pietarsaari’s bluewater yachts signed by Ron Holland during his 1980s marriage to the yard. Masthead-rigged, sleek and strong with a good righting coefficient, she was a popular hull in the second half of the 1980s, with a total production run of 28. Its strength, in addition to its interior volumes, is the cockpit, well set back, with deferred maneuvers and protected by the continuation of the classic Swan flush deckhouse.

Swan 43RH


Canados; 1984; 13.40 m x 4.14 m; Violati & Partners

Available in both center-cockpit and non-centre-cockpit versions, the Canados 44 was an early 1980s design pursued by the yard of the same name with the firm Violati & Partners. Derived from prototypes developed for the Admiral’s Cup, she is a little-talked-about but nonetheless high-performance hull, fast upwind and strong with a wide beam and balanced leaps. The freeboard is high, the deckhouse low, wedged into the deck, and the deck is clear, with the rigging well back in the cockpit. Qualitatively, it was a well-regarded hull.

Canados 44

The three steps to enhance your Classic Boat

Well, is your boat a Classic Boat? Now we explain how to dignify Classic Boats by Journal of Sailing and increase their value. We have created a network of professionals dedicated to precisely this enhancement.

  • The first mandatory step in enhancing the value of a historic Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela is appraisal. We have identified two “top” appraisers(Davide Zerbinati and Danilo Fabbroni) who can draw up a real Classic Boat certification and see the historical value of the boat recognized. Only by careful analysis of the state of the property and its maintenance over the years, as well as checking that the original design has not been distorted, can its value be certified.
  • Insurance is the second essential step, after the appraisal. Today it is difficult for an insurance company to value a boat that is at least 25 years old for its true value. With the Classic Boat initiative, once an appraisal is obtained from our two appraisers, the intrinsic value of the boat is also received by the insurance broker David Assicurazioni. And if the appraisal certified the boat’s excellent condition–the premium becomes more affordable! HERE you can find out more about insurance!
  • Buying and selling is the third step that required dedicated professionals: we involved one of Italy’s leading brokers(Abayachting) capable of transposing the real value of each of the current 188 selected boats, both in the case of selling and buying. It helps you sell it or buy it at the best price by selecting the best buyer or buyer, performing an assessment of the boat’s condition.
  • Our “dream team” of appraisers, insurers and brokers can be contacted with one click directly from the boat tabs (Link here).

BARCHE USATE Che affare essere una Classic Boat!




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