Classic Boat: 7 masterpieces from the legendary 90s


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Farr 40 racing

Looking back to the past, observing the legacy left to us by the shipbuilding industry of the last century, there are so many outstanding designs, splendid and very elegant hulls that can still make people dream. Tendency dictates, however, that we focus on classic 1960s lines and the sell-out class of 1970s boats, missing out on so many gems closer to us. But, on closer inspection, the 1990s were no less, churning out excellent designs, hulls iconic in both style and performance, whether these were destined for cruising, or projected into the churning world of IMS racing.

Classic Boat: masterpieces 90s

From the smallest monotypes to the largest Maxis, shipyards and designers have in fact been able to create small wonders, hulls that are flawless and still relevant today, although more than 25 years have passed… Signed Tripp, Frers, Farr and Rolland, among many others, these classics have little to envy from their predecessors, marrying performance, technologies and innovative philosophies with precisely those qualities so appreciated in their predecessors. Here, in short, are 7 Classic Boat 90s that are undisputed masterpieces.

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SWAN 80; 1999

POGO 6.50

Pogo Structures; 6.50 x 2.97 m; 1994; Pierre Rolland

First on this list is a Rolland signature gem, undoubtedly small, but big in concept and performance. A wonderful outlier.

The 1995 Mini Transat is won by the Amnesty International prototype, revealing the project as a great success. Fast and versatile, the hull will immediately be offered in a small series consisting of just 25 hulls. Through a second series, they will become 124. Thus was born the Pogo 6.50, one of the best-known designs on the 1990s Mini front. A project as beautiful as it is performing.

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POGO 650; 1994

MUMM 30 – aka, FARR 30

Carroll Marine / Ovington; 9.42 x 3.08 m; 1995; Bruce Farr

It is followed by the little Mini, another great prodigy, this time, signed by Farr. It is the Mumm 30, a gem of world sailing, peculiarly named as a Champagne.

Mumm 30, also known as Farr 30, a name that equals performance, performance, performance. Perfect as a day sailer or for small coastal cruises, it is a true sailing missile, as extreme as a track car and as fascinating as a great contemporary classic.

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Classic Boat
MUMM 30; 1995


Carroll Marine; 12.41 x 4.03 m; 1997; Bruce Farr

Also signed by the great Farr, the third boat also belongs to the racer world, in this case, a true thoroughbred. It is the Farr 40, a child of the designer’s experiences on such stellar prototypes as the two Farr 39 IMS, Flash and Rush.

Brilliant from the start, it’ was the one-design class of excellence for a decade, the one in which all the great champions competed. But it is also a unique one-off object, like a vintage Ferrari or Porsche. Its intended use today is to provide thrilling sailing sensations on day trips or regattas, where it can, among other things, still have a say. A small masterpiece.

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Classic Boat
FARR 40; 1997


Baltic Yachts; 15.24 x 4.34 m; 1998; Tripp Design

This is the late 1990s, Baltic turned around and relied on a dream team consisting of Italian Alessandro Vismara and American Bill Tripp. A design was born, produced in 11 examples, that is an example of a timeless boat, still relevant today. It is the Baltic 50.

Clean lines, elegance to spare, and a dreamy blanket. All, in a marriage of comfort, performance and style to spare. The Baltic 50 is an evergreen, there is nothing to it. Not knowing, it could be confused with any contemporary project. Iconic.

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BALTIC 50; 1990


Nautor Swan; 17.76 x 4.85 m; 1990; German Frers

Signed Frers, few examples have been built for this out-of-the-box Swan, but it is an exceptionally beautiful boat, perhaps the epitome of class and style achieved in the late 1980s.

The elegance and deck are in keeping with the standards of the swan yard, the lines are pushed and under the waterline the attitude is racerish but, with the 57CC Frers is able to sign a masterpiece, a cruiser oblivious to all ratings and truly beautiful. It is a boat for going to sea, and the center cockpit is definitely a statement of that. A cult, simply splendid.

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SWAN 57 CC; 1990


Pardo Shipyard; 19.5 x 5.35 m; 1992; Bruce Farr

With the sixth and penultimate hull, we move into the realm of Italian-style Maxis. The signature is that of the legendary Farr, the quality is that of the top quality of the Cantiere del Pardo 1990s. The result is a masterpiece, the Grand Soleil 64, also known as the Maxi One.

Signed by Bruce Farr, the Grand Soleil Maxi One is in fact one of the great classics of the Cantiere del Pardo. Semi-flush deck and sleek lines make it an elegant and marine 64-footer, comfortable below deck yet capable of exceptional performance. The double cockpit, center and wheelhouse, emphasize its cruising attitude, offering comfort and protection as needed at the time. But the complex is also corsairy, for a hull that can say its piece in any context.

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Pardo Shipyard
GS 64 Maxi One; 1993


Nautor Swan; 24.9 x 5.82 m; 1999; German Frers

A cult classic from the north closes. It is the Swan 80, Frers’s gentle giant, Nautor’s own Maxi.

He was the icon of his time, a colossus among the swans of Pietarsaari. Signed by Frers precisely, strong with nearly 25 meters LOA and over 310 square meters of sail area between mainsail and genoa, it was a machine designed to hybridize comfort and luxury with maximum performance. The hull is sleek, elegant, the deck very clean, obviously flush. A turn-of-the-century icon, a train once launched. Beautiful.

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SWAN 89; 1999



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