Classic Boat Cult: these three 14-footers are a small bargain, here’s why


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Classic Boat
The Hallberg Rassy 42 (F), one of the boats featured in the previous Classic Boat Cult article.

Is it really real that a Classic Boat can be worth more than any used one? And, if so, by how much is it revalued? How much does the state of preservation affect the quotation? All legitimate questions, which we will answer in this article. In fact, we selected ten prestigious 13- to 15-meter models of “Classic Boats of Historical Value by Giornale della Vela” by comparing their current second-hand value with historical increase.The result? A “cult” Classic Boat is always a bargain.

Classic Boat Cult: 3 classic boats that are the real deal

Exactly as in the automotive and real estate sectors, it may happen that a used car is worth more than new. Equally, in the very same areas, even a purchase to restore can be the real deal. And so it is with the Classic Boats. To exemplify, we chose 10 Cult models from among the 300 “Classic Boats of Historical Value by Giornale della Vela” models and, for each of these, developed a graphic model to superimpose the values, exemplifying the whole. So the answer is simple: a Classic Boat is worth more! And, more specifically, it sees its value increase by 10 to 15 percent, depending on its state of preservation. But, if in excellent condition, even more, up to +40%! In short, maintaining and refitting really turns into a bargain.

Grand Soleil 45

Classic Boat Cult: When used boats are a bargain

How does the re-evaluation system work? Each boat has its own story. Broadly speaking, however, we can identify two junctures. On the one hand, there are boats that have already received an increase in value on the used market, a characteristic for which the increase in historical valuation affects less. On the other hand, however, there are cases where a model still has a low valuation on the used front, a context in which the increase will therefore be higher. In short, if you are looking for a purchase, you have to sniff out a bargain!

There is, however, another important parameter to take into account: some boats have been in production for more years than others. Consequence therefore dictates that there are more pronounced price swings in favor of specific or sometimes newer models. As an example, the Hallberg Rassy 382 remained in production from 1984 to 1995 and over 100 were built. Given the upgrades, wear and tear, and improvements over the years, it makes sense that newer models would also be more expensive. However, let’s see the process in practice: here are 3 Classic Boat cult examples.


Franchini; 13.93 x 4.23 m; Starkel | Production: 50 Units; 1989

Immense interior volumes and enviable comfort, these are the main features of the Atlantis 45, a hull that will make cruising its hallmark. Also well done are the deck lines that, despite the volumes, manage to streamline the overall design. With the Atlantis 45L, Franchini and Starkel sign a hull dedicated to pure cruising with great appeal, a design that, despite the raised-deckhouse, huge volumes and great amount of comfort, also knows how to maintain pleasing lines without denying itself too much performance.

Atlantis 45

The Classic Boat historical value then increases its listing. A model in perfect condition and preservation can be worth up to 180,000 euros today. One in fair/good condition gains 15,000 over the pre-historic value listing, 145 vs. 130,000.

Atlantis 45


Pardo Shipyard; 13.94 x 4.15 m; Germán Frers | Production: 1988

The Grand Soleil 45 is one of Frers’ great collaborations, a 13.9-meter signed for Cantiere del Pardo. Elegant and marine, it is a hull that best combines the combination it seeks: performance and comfort. Its plus-value? Elegance to spare, very clean lines and lots of class.

Grand Soleil 45

Today, Classic Boat’s historical value significantly increases its listing, bringing a model in perfect condition and preservation to a value of 145,000 euros. One in fair/good condition gains 17,000 over the pre-historic value listing, 127 vs. 110,000.

Grand Soleil 45


Comar; 14.20 x 3.80 m; Groupe Finot | Production: 122 units; 1987-1993

An apt recipe makes the Comet 460 a hull that is still highly sought after today. Produced, in fact, in 122 examples, the 460 signed by Groupe Finot is a project capable of perfect synthesis between seriality and quality, a delicate balance but here very apt. Fast, comfortable and high-end, it was sold in several examples before production even began. A detail that speaks volumes.

Comet 460

Classic Boat historical value also increases the listing for him. A model in perfect condition and preservation can be worth up to 100,000 euros today. One in fair/good condition gains 8,000 euros over the pre-historical value listing, 93 versus 85,000 euros.

Discover all 300 Classic Boats of Historical Value

Comet 460

The three steps to enhance your Classic Boat

Well, is your boat a Classic Boat? Now we explain how to dignify Classic Boats by Journal of Sailing and increase their value. We have created a network of professionals dedicated to precisely this enhancement.

  • The first mandatory step in enhancing the value of a historic Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela is appraisal. We have identified two “top” appraisers(Davide Zerbinati and Danilo Fabbroni) who can draw up a real Classic Boat certification and see the historical value of the boat recognized. Only by careful analysis of the state of the property and its maintenance over the years, as well as checking that the original design has not been distorted, can its value be certified.
  • Insurance is the second essential step, after the appraisal. Today it is difficult for an insurance company to value a boat that is at least 25 years old for its true value. With the Classic Boat initiative, once an appraisal is obtained from our two appraisers, the intrinsic value of the boat is also received by the insurance broker David Assicurazioni. And if the appraisal certified the boat’s excellent condition–the premium becomes more affordable! HERE you can find out more about insurance!
  • Buying and selling is the third step that required dedicated professionals: we involved one of Italy’s leading brokers(Abayachting) capable of transposing the real value of each of the current 188 selected boats, both in the case of selling and buying. It helps you sell it or buy it at the best price by selecting the best buyer or buyer, performing an assessment of the boat’s condition.
  • Our “dream team” of appraisers, insurers and brokers can be contacted with one click directly from the boat tabs (Link here).

BARCHE USATE Che affare essere una Classic Boat!




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