New sailboats: what’s coming to market between 15 and 19 meters


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After the second installment dedicated to new sailboats between 12 and 15 meters, our column dedicated to the market is back, with more news coming, this time in the “big” area, up to 19 meters. Boats that are comfortable almost or more than a luxury home, equipped with every comfort to live aboard for long periods independently.

New sailboats from 15 to 19 m

The third installment of the novelty column is on the band between the 15 meters and 19 meters, here in short we enter, at least in part, the segment of mehayachts, not simple sailboats but something more: objects of luxury, limitless comofort, and in many cases also style and performance.

15, 42 m –
48 DS
/ Moody

new saiboats 2024
The Moody 48 DS

The design of the Moody 48 DS is by Bill Dixon, who has conceived a boat that the shipyard itself describes as a “monohull,” that is, a monohull with some features typical of catamarans. The panoramic deckhouse, the covered aft cockpit connected to the interior dinette via a single level, and the forward cockpit are some of the features that link this boat to the cat. The acronym DS stands for deck saloon, or panoramic dinette: this is on the same level as the aft cockpit, raised to the level of the deckhouse. DISCOVER MORE.

Data: length. f.t. 15.42 m , hull length 14.65 m, breadth: 4.85 m, displacement 21.16 t, draft: 2.15 m – 2.25 m, sail sup.: 130.90 sq. ft.

New sailboats: 16, 40 m
Wauquiez 55
/ Wauquiez

Wauquiez 55 - 1
Wauquiez 55

A “breakthrough” boat the new Wauquiez 55, designed to refresh a brand often considered anchored in tradition. The challenge was to combine the efficiency of a racing boat with the comfort of a deck saloon: a yacht with a dual identity characterized by a design with “arched” edges running along the bulwarks, inverted bow, and long integrated dolphin boat, and, above all, equipped to be a blue water from long sailings. DISCOVER MORE.

Data: hull length 16.40 m, overall length 17.50 m, width 5.25 m, draft 1.60/4.20 m (fixed keel 2.40 m), displacement 20,000 kg, Ballast 3,840 kg (lifting keel) or 4,950 kg (fixed keel). Sail area 169 sqm.

New sailboats: 16, 55 m – Solaris 55 / Solaris Yachts

Solaris 55 -new sailboats 2024
Solaris 55

The year 2024 is an important one for Solaris Yachts, which crosses the 50-candle mark. The half-century’s experience of the Aquileia (Udine) shipyard flows into the new Solaris 55. The “family feeling” with the Solaris 50 and 60 sisters can be felt immediately. We are looking at a boat that was created with the dual intentions of being as comfortable as home during long sailings, even around the world, and being fast and fun for day trips as well. A Mediterranean bluewater that promises to be interesting for the Italian market.

Data: f.t. length 16.90 m, waterline length 15.89 m, max. beam 5.00 m, draft 3.00 m (standard) / 2.30-2.70 (optional), sail area 182 sq m, displacement 23 t, Ballast 6.5 t. DISCOVER MORE.

16,90 m –
Swan 51
/ Nautor Swan

Today’s Swan 51 fits in between the current Swan 48 and Swan 55, completing the range of “small” performance cruisers. Designed to be fast and fun, it offers practical solutions that make the yacht comfortable and easy to navigate both along the coast and on long sailings. Swan 51 is available in three different configurations Standard (cruising), Comfort and Sport that suit the owner’s sailing style. DISCOVER MORE.

Data: overall length 16.90 m, hull length 15.55 m, maximum beam 4.85 m, standard draft 2.45 m, displacement 18,000 kg, sail area 147.1 sq. m.

19,29 m
63 CS
/ Contest Yachts

The new Contest 63 CS

Designed for comfort and safety in all weather conditions, the new Contest 63CS, features lines designed by the naval architects at judel/vrolijk & co. and an interior styling by Wetzels Brown Partners Unique in its class, it offers two identical VIP suites for guests in front of the saloon, ideal for families and friends. The Dutch shipyard’s boat will be available in 3-classic, or 4-cabin versions with the double suite in the bow. The owner’s cabin in all layouts will always be placed at the stern, and not at the bow where the guest ones are. DISCOVER MORE.

Data: length 19.29 m, width 5.50 m, draft 2.90 m, displacement 31,900 kg, sail area 212 sq. m.

19,70 m –
ICE 64 Explorer
/ ICE Yachts

This is an evolution of the successful Ice 60, designed by Felci Yacht Design, but compared to the 60, this boat offers even more “easy” and comfort-conscious sailing. From the middle of the boat toward the stern, however, we find the distinctive carbon T top, in contrast to the traditional bimini, which contributes to a very protected deck, especially from the perspective of long sailing, which is what the boat is designed for. At the stern is a great new feature, a small beach designed to comfortably accommodate the tender and become an alternative to indoor garages. DISCOVER MORE.

Data: length overall 19.70 m, waterline length 16.86 m, width 5.19 m, draft 2.80 m.

19,68 m –
Grand Soleil 60
/ Grand Soleil Yachts

The future Grand Soleil 60 will have a hull length of 18.30 m (19.68 with bowsprit), but the figure that immediately jumps out at you is the width, 5.80 meters, the widest on the 60-foot cruising range. This portends a boat with an extremely spacious interior especially amidships, but it will be all volumes that will benefit. It will be available with or without a rollbar, with a fixed point for the mainsail in the cockpit. The aesthetics of the boat are reminiscent of the latest GS designed by Polli, with the stern volumes flared upward giving a sporty touch to the lines. DISCOVER MORE.

Data: overall length 19.68 m, hull length 18.30 m, width 5.80 m, draft 2.80 m, displacement 27 tons, sail area 205 sq. m.




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