Classic IOR and Vintage Boats: what you need to know in 2024


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The fleet at the 18th Historic Sails Rally in Viareggio

New year, new regatta seasons just around the corner. Among them, unfailingly, the AIVE -Associazione Italiana Vele d’Epoca (Italian Association of Vintage Sails) circuit also returns, on the strength of a 2023 season marked by excellent participation and new solutions confirmed as winning. To be proposed again, therefore, in 2024. These undoubtedly include the return of the new “class,” the Classic IOR, dedicated to One-Off hulls and prototype IORs made between 1971 and 1984 inclusive. This, the big surprise of 2023, a formula that worked and, unexpectedly perhaps, outperformed even transalpine numbers. An interesting turn of events and one that opens serious possibilities for many hulls that do not yet (and perhaps never) deserve to disappear.

Classic IOR and AIVE 2024: what you need to know for the new season

Indeed, Classic IOR 2023 participation has been positive in Italy, much more so than abroad. The nice surprise, in fact, underscores the mobilization of Italian shipowners, who have made more Classic IOR participations in Italian regattas than, for example, on French race courses. Numbers that do not displease and, indeed, not only underscore the fine results of the formula adopted by the AIVE/CIM, but also bode well, inciting the recovery of many of those great hulls of the past that would otherwise be left to rot, generating both different and more sustainable markets for enthusiasts and jobs for the workforce. But, numbers and glee aside, here is how the new year will take shape, both for the Classic IORs and for the AIVE and CIM circuit itself.

Crivizza Classic IOR
Crivizza, among the dominant hulls in the Classics category

Classic IOR – The 2024 Formula

Regarding the Classic IOR, the formula reserved for One-Off hulls and prototypes of IOR projects (1971 and 1984 inclusive), as the season came to an end, a review was made together with the CIM (International Mediterranean Committee) in order to draw sums on the functioning of the rating used by the Classic IOR. The result? Success. The rating worked, and in a positive way too.

A solution that, at the same time, also made the owners of the Classics, the RORC hulls, very happy, for they no longer had to share the buoys with relatively anachronistic hulls that were much more modern, bolinier and faster. In fact, a new homogeneity distributed over the two classes was thus achieved, which are now more balanced and, consequently, far more enjoyable.

Classic IOR
Ojala II, winner of the Classic IOR 2023 circuit.

But, starting in 2024, it should be remembered, crucially, the repeal of the Classic IOR waiver concerning sails. With the new season, in fact, it will no longer be possible to participate in regattas with laminated sails or sails made of exotic materials. In short, true to line, the sails must strictly adhere to the tonnage parameters and be, therefore, made of Dacron. There remains the possibility of exemption, however, for “off-parameter” hulls, boats that yes, perhaps by definition do not fit the standard but which, by design, history or merit, might instead see their participation accepted as, fundamentally, sensible.

AIVE Circuit 2024: When the season starts

For those, however, wondering when the season will open, the wait is almost over. Here are the events and dates.

  • French Admiral Trophy; Viareggio | May 4-5
  • IOR Class Meeting; San Remo | May 17-19
  • Vele d’Epoca Alto Tirreno / Valdettaro Trophy / Volpina Trophy; Le Grazie, Portovenere | May 24-26
  • Portopiccolo Classic Trophy; Portopiccolo – Sistiana | June 1-2
  • Capraia Sailing Rally; Viareggio, Capraia Island – Portoferraio | June 6-9
  • Argentario Sailing Week; Porto Santo Stefano | June 13 -16
  • Le Vele d’Epoca in Naples; Capri – Naples | June 20 – 23
  • Le Vele d’Epoca in Naples – Ischia Regatta on the way to Gaeta | June 25
  • Raduno Città di Venezia – Trofeo Artù Chiggiato; Compagnia della Vela, Venice | June 21 – 23
  • Big Sails in Gaeta; Gaeta | June 28 – 30
  • XI Principality of Monaco Trophy – Venice; Venice | June 29 – 30
  • Vele d’Epoca di Imperia; Imperia | September 12 – 15
  • VI International Hannibal Classic – Sergio Sorrentino Memorial; Monaflcone | Sept. 13 – 15
  • Scandia Silver Salmon Trophy for Metric Classes; Circolo della Vela Pescallo, Bellagio | Sept. 28 – 29
  • XXVII Trophy “City of Trieste; Trieste | “October 5 – 6
  • 18th Barcolana Classic; Trieste | Oct. 12
  • XI CSSN-AdSP Trophy – XXXVI Mariperman Trophy; La Spezia | Oct. 12 – 13
  • Viareggio Historic Sails Rally; Viareggio | Oct. 17 – 20
Barbara (photo by James Robinson Taylor) Classic IOR
Barbara, a classic on the Epoch circuit (photo by James Robinson Taylor)

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