Italian solar panels that convert 24% of sunlight into electricity

Solbian - Energy Observer
Solbian – Energy Observer

Having solar panels mounted on one’s sailboat has undoubted advantages. Installing photovoltaics on the boat allows energy to be harnessed for utilities, to power on-board systems and services, or to recharge electronic devices. Solbian ‘s , which are Italian and chosen by some sailing professionals such as Giovanni Soldini and Ambrogio Beccaria, are among the best.

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Solbian. The powerful, lightweight and patented solar panels

Solbian’s panels use Solbianflex technology, with a patented formula-between layers, polymers, and surface treatments of the envelope and cells-elaborated over several years, starting in 2007. This technology makes it possible to have solar cells capable of converting more than 24 percent of sunlight into electricity and thus offer high powers even with small panels (and installation space).

Solbian ‘s photovoltaic modules are very light, in fact weighing just 2.5 kilograms per square meter, also allowing the customer to choose the number of cells, the color and shape of the panel to be installed, and the electrical characteristics best suited to their energy needs. If you make both cruising and racing use of your sailboat, and therefore do not want to “permanently” weigh down the boat, you can opt for a non-permanent but temporary installation.

Solbian - curved SP panel 2023
Solbian – curved SP panel 2023


The ultimate expression of Solbian panels is the SP Series. Maxeon back-contact monocrystalline silicon cells are used on these systems, the most powerful ones that can convert more than 24 percent of the sunlight from which they are hit into energy. Therefore, they are highly valued by those with high energy demands, whether cruising or racing.

Solbian’s SR Series exploits high-efficiency monocrystalline cells that are treated and protected by a double metal mask that makes the panel flexible but more importantly protected. These panels are recommended for those who do not want to have an overly delicate system, as the distributed electrical contact allows the PV to function even if damaged.



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