New Solaris 55, the Mediterranean bluewater (16 m) Made in Italy

Solaris 55
The new Solaris 55 (16.90 x 5.00 m)

The year 2024 is an important one for Solaris Yachts, which crosses the 50-candle mark. The half-century’s experience of the Aquileia (Udine) shipyard flows into the new Solaris 55 (16.90 x 5.00 m) that we will see in the water in September.

New Solaris 55, what a boat it is

The “family feeling” with the Solaris 50 and 60 sisters can be felt immediately. We are looking at a boat that was created with the dual intentions of being as comfortable as home during long sailings, even around the world, and being fast and fun for day trips as well. A Mediterranean bluewater.

The project is, once again, by Javier Soto Acebal (who had designed, in 2017, even the “old” Solaris 55: a different boat, less wide – 4.85 m beam – but equally elegant); the interiors were designed by the Monza-based ADIdesign studio, which specializes in interiors and has already ventured into the world of boats with the Red Spider 28. As for structures, facilities, and internal technical drawing, they are taken care of by the Solaris team.

Solaris 55 – Deck

We said, family feeling. The deckhouse, characteristic of Soto’s designs, is streamlined. The hull is modern, with a slight edge to the bow that runs along the hull and then disappears into a rounded “knee” once it reaches the broad transom. This should ensure good course stability.

Numerous tests and models were carried out for hull line, momentum, and deckhouse shape. The end result is an inverted line, an extremely reduced aft momentum, a rounded bow momentum with an outer knee very close to the water, and a low deckhouse ending just forward of the mast, much shorter than the previous 55″, Soto Acebal explains.“Thus, we have a real big front deck similar to that of a much larger boat.”

Solaris 55 - 2

As for the deck plan, marked by maximum cleanliness and easy sailing, with all maneuvers brought back to the cockpit where there is room for the double wheelhouse. The low deckhouse and wheel position means that visibility for those at the helm is excellent-this is important, both when sailing and mooring.

Double tables in the cockpit make the central passageway to the entry area below deck even smoother, featuring two windows that allow plenty of light into the cabins and dinette.

Solaris 55
The aft garage of the Solaris 55 accommodates the tender longitudinally

Another distinguishing feature of the Solaris, which is also present on the Solaris 55, is the opening transom, which not only converts into a convenient bathing beach and can be reached by a mold-created ladder, but which can accommodate a tender with an outboard in a longitudinal position inside.

Solaris 55 – Structure and Hull

The hull structure, as in each of the shipyard’s boats, is characterized by the bonding of the three main composite bulkheads with hull-and-deck handkerchiefing. The keel, on the other hand, is made of cast iron-lead, anchored to the hull by a coupling flange. In addition to the fixed keel (draft 3.00 m) there is the option of having the “lifting” solution with a draft ranging from 2.70 to 2.30 m.

Speaking of the shape of the hull, Acebal explains, “There is a significant increase in shape stability with a special focus in the forward areas, where local righting moments increase rapidly with roll. The stern section also shows large volumes, with an almost circular stern shape. This is with the intention of reducing aft vortices (turbulent drag). Always in search of a balanced hull, in fact, we worked so that our sterns would not cause the bow to drown, thus seeking a higher bow trim. All this new hull shape and changes not only greatly improve balance, performance, and seaworthiness; but will also allow new zero tails to be configured for a wider wind range“.


Going below deck on the new Solaris 55, you will understand what we mean when we talk about a boat that is “as comfortable as home.” You will immediately find yourself in the dinette characterized by a symmetrical shape and well lit by natural light from the large windows.

Solaris 55 - 5
The dinette of the Solaris 55

On the port side is the L-shaped galley with the chart table to starboard, while further forward the starboard sofa can be replaced by two XXL armchairs. At left is the C-shaped sofa surrounding the dining table.

Solaris 55 - 5
The master cabin in its island bed version

The master cabin is forward and is served by a bathroom with a shower stall. Here you can choose between a central island bed option or a broadside (on the port side): the latter layout includes a bathroom at the far bow and also a recessed sofa on the starboard side. At the far bow, the calavele can be equipped with a sailor cabin and built-in bathroom.

Solaris 55 - 1
The various internal layout configurations possible on Solaris 55

Aft, the two double cabins each have their own bathrooms with separate showers, and it is possible to have the starboard one with two single beds instead of the double.

Solaris 55 - 2
The deck plan of the new Solaris 55

Solaris 55 – Data Sheet

Length overall 16.90 m
Length at waterline 15.89 m
Beam max. 5.00 m
Draught 3.00 m (standard) / 2.30-2.70 (optional)
Yanmar 80 HP (standard) / 110 HP (optional) motorization
Sail area 182 sqm
Displacement 23 t
Ballast 6.5 t
Fresh water tanks 550 l
Fuel tank 480 l
Javier Soto Acebal Project
Interior design ADIdesign Studio
Solaris Facilities



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