Looking for a rigid-keel but lightweight dinghy? Highfield has just the thing for you

Highfield Boats is a brand that has produced and sold about 50,000 tenders worldwide. It is also present in Italy under the Highfield Italia brand and is a brand you can rely on if you have to buy a new tender. Its aluminum rigid keel tenders have been tested on a wide range of pneumatic boats from 2 to 9 meters in length.

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Highfield Boats tenders

The reason these tenders are so popular and appreciated is simple but not trivial: lightness. We are talking about 30 kg for a 2.40-meter model, 49 kg for the 3.40-meter model. The weight of Highfield’s boats is truly low, thanks to the use of aluminum instead of fiberglass. This saves up to 30 percent weight on a Highfield tender compared to a classic fiberglass hull tender of the same size.

Less weight also means less power demand on the engine, and thus less fuel use (or the use of a less powerful engine, perhaps electric). This material is powder-coated and treated to be rigid and strong, allowing for a firm ride on the wave, even in heavy seas. What’s more, a not insignificant detail, aluminum is a material with a virtually infinite life cycle that can be completely recycled. Unlike fiberglass…

Highfield: Ultralite Range

The Ultralite range includes tenders made of 2.5-millimeter-thick powder-coated aluminum. They have a rigid hull but are very light, so they are a good alternative for those who were used to the handling of a soft hull and want to make the leap forward.

Classic Range

Dinghies in Highfield’s Classic range have durable aluminum hulls with full-length protected keels. On board there is a small forepeak locker suitable for storing a fuel tank, and some models (such as the 340) have a teak-finished deck.



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