Here you will find everything you need to equip your sailboat

The Boat Gear section of our digital Boat Show( is all new. Why is it worth visiting now? It is very simple: because the winter season is the best season to think about all the changes to be made to the boat, choose the new accessories to be installed and those to be renewed. In the Boat Gear section you will find everything you need to best equip your sailboat in 2024. That’s why you’d better check it out!

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Boat Gear Pavilion – The best in equipping your boat

The renovated Boat Gear pavilion is an indispensable compendium for outfitting your boat in the most complete way. Here you will find a detailed guide to nautical accessories to enhance the comfort, safety, technology and performance of your boat. It is, without a doubt, a monumental guide at your disposal. To explore it, click here or visit the Boat Show section on the Sailing Newspaper website and select Boat Gear.

What you find in it

The Boat Gear pavilion has all the files of 41 of the best companies (Italian and international) that make or sell nautical accessories. Each page is enriched with their history, top products, and information for contracting the company directly. You can find us not only accessories for your boat, but also for you, from theClothingat the Electronic Instrumentation, passing through Facilities, Sailing Equipment, Propulsion. And again: everything you need to Anchorage & Mooring and to carry out On-Board Work, the best Tender and Deck essentials and to always have Power and Electricity in the boat.



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