Contest 63 CS (19 m), for those who want to dream big

The new Contest 63 CS

Designed for comfort and safety in all weather conditions, the new Contest 63CS (19.25 m x 5.50 m), features balanced lines designed by the naval architects of judel/vrolijk & co. and an interior style designed by Wetzels Brown Partners. Full certification by Lloyd’s Register guarantees Contest’s high standards.

Contest 63 CS – The special feature

Unique in its class, it offers two identical VIP suites for guests in front of the square, ideal for families and friends. The Dutch shipyard’s boat will be available in 3-classic, or 4-cabin versions with the double suite in the bow. The owner’s cabin in all layouts will always be placed at the stern, and not at the bow where the guest ones are.

Clever solutions and electric maneuvering make it a boat suitable for even small crews, despite its size.

Dna Contest

In keeping with Contest tradition, this 63 is also in full blue water style, with the very classic glazed, 180-degree panoramic deckhouse. The rigging layout includes 7 winches: the two of the halyards are positioned, as is often the case on these boats, at the mast foot, with the 5 of the rigging in the cockpit although in a more rearward position. Four are dedicated to headsails and general maneuvering, with the possibility then of being able to handle both a jib and a gennaker or Code Zero type sail at the same time. The center winch, on the other hand, with a dedicated column, is the one provided for the mainsail sheet, without a carriage.

What to expect from this boat from a sailing performance standpoint? It will certainly not be a breeze chaser, but a boat that will be able to grind out miles, safely and comfortably, as soon as the wind becomes just a little more consistent, thanks to a rounded hull and a well-developed sail plan.



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