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Temo 1000 mounted on a sailing trimaran
Temo 1000 mounted on a sailing trimaran

The propulsion of a sailboat does not rely solely on the wind, because in some situations it is essential to rely on an engine. Therefore, it is essential to devote some attention to the choice of engine (outboard or inboard) and propeller, both for the boat and the tender. How to get your bearings? We present the best options for sailboat propulsion in 2024.

Rope Cutter – Yanmar

Rope Cutter - Yanmar
Rope Cutter – Yanmar

Yanmar has decided to solve the nightmare of tangled propellers. This cutter installs on the drive shaft and with its blade cuts through anything that might get caught between the blades and the shaft. Available for Yanmar saildrive engines.

Autoprop – Brunton’s Propellers

Autoprop - Brunton's Propellers
Autoprop – Brunton’s Propellers

Autoprop is the propeller of choice for cruise passengers. It is automatic variable pitch, so it independently adjusts its position to suit the situation. When sailing under sail, the blades are positioned at the flag, reducing drag.

Sailboat propulsion. EnergyMatic – Ewol

Sailboat propulsion. EnergyMatic - Ewol
EnergyMatic – Ewol

EnergyMatic is the self-returning propeller that turns into a generator. With the blades in the charging position when sailing, the propeller becomes a turbine and recharges the batteries. Just have an alternator connected to the axle.

Sailboat propulsion. Vaquita – Epropulsion

Sailboat propulsion Vaquita
Vaquita – Epropulsion

With the Vaquita kit you can motorize any SUP and push it up to 6 knots using a remote control. It weighs 4kg and the battery lasts 70 minutes at full power.

Temo – Temo 1000

Temo - Temo 1000
Temo – Temo 1000

This engine has a streamlined design that is very different from the classic thermal outboard engine; in fact, the long narrow shaft contains only the removable battery. With the very convenient bracket provided, the engine can be installed very conveniently on both dinghies and sailboats up to 8 meters in length. It weighs about 10 kg + 5 kg for the battery and has a range of about 45 minutes when using the full power of its 1000 watts-equivalent to 3 horsepower.

X20 – Epropulsion

Electric outboard X20 - ePropulsion
Electric outboard X20 – ePropulsion

Electric outboards are getting more powerful, as evidenced by the new X20 from China’s ePropulsion (in Italy from Selva Marine), a compactly designed motor that integrates smart features and smartphone connectivity. It is capable of delivering 20 kW of continuous power, comparable to about 27 hp from a conventional outboard.

HighPower ServoProp 25 – Oceanvolt

The Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25
The Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25

Combining an electric saildrive with a powerful hydrogenerator allows for propulsion and power on board in one fell swoop. As much as 75 hp of equivalent power and more and about 5kW of energy produced at 10 knots of speed.

Fin5 – FinX

FinX - Fin5
FinX – Fin5

The Fin5 is an electric outboard from the French FinX that operates without a propeller. Unlike classic outboards, in fact, propulsion is delegated to a swaying jellyfish-style membrane, a moving diaphragm device that pushes the water in a straight line. This patented technology enables the Fin5 to develop a power output of 2 kW, which is roughly equivalent to 5 horsepower.

E-line – Vetus

E-line – Vetus

This is Vetus’ signature product line that offers a complete electric propulsion package, with several modules: E-Line and E-Pod. Both have the Active Electric Braking system: the high torque of the electric motor is used to reverse the direction of rotation quickly. Built-in protection ensures that the battery bank is not damaged.



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