Vaan R6, the eco-catamaran (17.68 m) according to Dykstra

Luxurious, eco-friendly and made of aluminum, here are the first renderings of the new Vaan R6, a 58-foot (17.68 m) catamaran designed by superyacht “guru” Dykstra Naval Architects. Made entirely of aluminum, with a cork-lined deck, solar panels and electric motors, it is Dutch shipyard Vaan Yachts’ solution for sustainable luxury cruising.

Vaan R6

Vaan Yachts’ sustainable alternative

Founded in 2018, Vaan Yachts shipyard specializes in building sustainable luxury sailing catamarans. R6, the latest model unveiled by the Dutch shipyard, is the largest in the range, with its 17.68 meters (58 feet) length and 9.08 meters (9.08 feet) width accommodating up to 10 guests on board.

Made from “circular” materials, including recycled aluminum, cork and plant-based alternatives to leather, this catamaran aims to be among the most sustainable on the market. 60% of the hull is composed of recycled aluminum, mainly from car license plates, street signs and window frames. The interiors were also made from sustainable and natural materials, such as lyocell, an alternative to synthetic fibers such as polyester, and a vegetable leather, made from pineapple leaves, cork, flax, and certified timber.

Vaan R6

At 58 feet, Vaan R6 represents a step forward in the world of sustainable luxury sailing. A boat designed for owners looking for great space on board, perfect for long cruising, with a keen eye on sustainability and the environment.

As with the rest of the range, Vann Yachts has maintained a similar design on the R6 as on the smaller models, namely a high freeboard, a vertical bow, and a short deckhouse with an arch at the rear end that, thanks in part to the fabric bimini, offers good protection to the cockpit. Here are the double rudder wheel and a peculiar Y-shaped turret, positioned just behind the helmsman, on which all the maneuvers are shown.

Thanks to the excellent deck design, Vaan R6 can easily be carried by only two people, for those owners who want absolute privacy, or accommodate up to a maximum of 8 guests (+2 crew).

VAAN R6 – Data Sheet

Overall length 17.68 m
Maximum width
9,08 m
Standard displacement 22,500 kg
Sail area 175 sqm
2 x Ocean Volt HPSP 25kW Saildrive Motor
Naval Design and Architecture Dykstra Naval Architects

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