Boat winterized? Take the opportunity to redo the deck (abandoning the teak)

Winter, storage time, with the boat kept in the yard. And what better time to take advantage of the break and do some work on board? For example, if you have been putting off a deck makeover for years, it is time to do it. One idea would be to replace the beautiful-but also uncomfortable, heavy and expensive-teak with an alternative. Resin, cork or synthetic? Here are three alternatives straight from the Services Pavilion of our Boat Show.

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The synthetic deck that glows in the dark – Synteak

TOP 2023 Accessories - Synteak - PlasDeck
TOP 2023 Accessories – Synteak – PlasDeck

The synthetic teak distributed by Synteak is called PlasDECK and is produced in Akron, in the heart of Ohio. The city,” home to a major tire company, is known as the “rubber capital of the world,” and also of plastic polymer. In its different variations, PlasDECK retains all its qualities that make it the ideal product for blanket covering. It has optimal dry and wet grip, does not require much maintenance, cleans up easily, and is extremely less susceptible to UV radiation, basically heating up less. All these qualities differentiate it not only from natural teak, but also from other synthetic teaks on the market. Plus there is a version that has the joints made with a special formula, which makes them glow in the dark!

The 100% natural alternative to teak – MarineCork

MarineCork is for all intents and purposes a natural wood; in fact, it is composed solely and exclusively of cork that is processed to achieve the ideal consistency. In addition to being natural, it is also an environmentally sustainable material because the trees used to make cork are not cut down but kept healthy. In addition, at the end of its life, it is a 100% recyclable product. Installing it is very easy: MarineCork is available in slats or panels, custom moldable, with a thickness of 6 or 8 millimeters. The surface can be customized with lettering, logos and designs, and it sticks exactly like teak, with a perfect adhesion to the underlying surface.

The customizable custom resin (even for accessories) – Refit Style

CoolDeck is the name of the finished and processed product that Refit Style makes from Sika resin. The product arrives at the company in liquid form, in tin, after which, depending on the requests made by the owner, any type of shape and design can be created. The resin is processed by Refit Style, specifically after casting the resin is milled with a CNC machine that creates the pattern and follows the predetermined cut. The freedom of customization is virtually endless; you can create different thicknesses, choose different colors, geometric shapes, logos or text, and create custom designs.



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