A-Yachts’ daysailers are fun, out-of-the-box boats. That’s why!

a27 - A-Yachts
a27 – A-Yachts

You know the shipyard
? It is an Austrian shipyard based on Lake Attersee that has three very special boats in its portfolio. They are the a27, the a33 and the a39 and are three daysailers designed for day or few-day outings, but also to be fast and compete in the racing world. And the design is all Italian, signed by Lorenzo Argento‘s studio. This is what they look like.

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The A-Yachts Philosophy

Boats from this Austrian shipyard are suitable for both inland waters, then lakes, and coastal waters. A-Yachts are fast and versatile hulls perfect for those looking for a boat with which to have fun solo or as a couple, but they also adapt very well to short cruises with a few friends and club regattas. In terms of design, the clean lines and choice of high-quality materials that combine functionality and elegance stand out.

The deck of these boats is very clean, despite their small size in fact the rigging does not clutter the deckhouse and cockpit, where plenty of livable space remains. They are maneuverable boats that can be handled without any difficulty even on their own, but capable of reaching considerable speeds thanks to a generous and well-designed sail plan.

What the a27, the a33 and…the newest one, the a39 look like!

a33 - Performing
a33 – Performing

Thus was born the
, the first boat presented by the Austrian shipyard and designed by Lorenzo Argento Yacht Design studio. This is an 8.18-meter sailboat characterized by a voluminous bow and an almost edgeless stern, with very generous cockpit space, equipped with wide and comfortable benches. The hull was constructed of sandwich infusion with a carbon fiber presence of more than 80 percent. The latest evolution of the a27, which was later also seen on the
, brings the number of versions available for this boat to three. Each with its own characteristics. First of all, we find the
, which is the really basic version of the boat, for those who like sailing without frills. In contrast, the second version is the solar, where a large walkable solar panel is installed on the bow to recharge the engine batteries and power the services (where present). It basically makes possible total independence from generators and the power grid. Finally, there is the
performance version
equipped with a carbon mast and bowsprit and additional, hidden but easy-to-use devices useful for better adjusting the jib (which is self-tacking).


The latest boat presented by the shipyard is the
, which at 12 meters in length is the yard’s largest boat. In addition to an even more elongated and voluminous cockpit, where we also find a double wheelhouse, there is also plenty of space below deck on the a39. These features bring the a39 closer to a more evolved daysailer concept, thanks to features that also wink at those who cruise for a few days.



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