USED BOATS Sell 5 “vintage” boats from 6.86 to 13.75 m

Used vintage boats 6-13 m
The five used vintage boats from 6.86 to 13.75 m for sale on our marketplace

We keep going to discover the best used boat bargains on our classifieds marketplace. Here you can sell and buy used boats, accessories, berths, find the right idea for your vacation, and even look for and offer jobs! Today we have scouted for you five vintage used boats from 6.86 to 13.75 m perfect for cruising fun and more.

Five used boats from 6.86 to 13.75 m

Among them are some Classic Boats by Giornale della Vela, destined to gain value over time if well maintained. Some are for enthusiasts, others will take you quietly (and comfortably) on a cruise. We present them in ascending order of length. A safe used car: guarantees the Sailing Newspaper!

Shrimper 19 – 6.86 m – Unusual bestseller

The first of the used boats for sale on our marketplace is a little gem. A Shrimper 19 (6.86 x 2.18 m): one of the longest-running bestsellers in international boating, come to think of it. Consider that the boat, built by the Cornish Crabbers shipyard in Wadebridge, Cornwall, has been in production since… 1979! More than 1,100 examples were made (designed by Roger Dongray) and you can still order one today.

Used boats - Shrimper 19
Used boats – Shrimper 19

The boat, inspired by traditional shrimping boat designs (shrimp = shrimp) is constructed mainly of solid hand-laminated fiberglass, with wood trim and wooden spars. It has a sloop rigging with a wooden bowsprit, an angled transom, a tiller rudder and a stub keel with a centerboard. It weighs just over a ton and is easily towable.

The model we propose, which can be seen in Sardinia, is from 1992. Equipped with inboard, in perfect condition, amaranth red sails (tan) and navy blue hull. Also included in the price is the trailer trolley!

Alpa 9.50 – 9.50 m – Small Large Classic Boat

We continue with the second of the used boats on display on our marketplace, which still remains in the world of watercraft. A Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela par excellence. An Alpa 9.50 (9.50 x 2.96 m) awaits you.

Used boats - Alpa 9.50
Used boats – Alpa 9.50

It is an Alpa 11.50, a great success of the shipyard, in small. Alpa designs it inspired by Sparkman & Stephens’ designs for the 11.50. Born in 1970, it is therefore influenced by 1960s design with large leeway, low freeboard, small sail area. The result is a boat that favors medium-to-strong winds to ensure good sailing performance.

The model for sale, visible in Liguria, Savona, is ready to sail. Between 2020 and 2023, the boat underwent a full refit. The sails are new, from 2023. The boat is equipped with Garmin wind station and navigator plotter, autopilot, Autohelm, refrigerator.

Show 38 – 11.48 m – What a Classic Boat!

We go up in square footage for the third of the boats used in the review. Also a Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela. We are talking about a Show 38 (11.48 x 3.83 m). A great classic of Italian boating, a 1980 design by the Fontana / Maletto / Navone trio for the Barberis shipyard.

Used boats - Show 38
Used boats – Show 38

The boat was born from the need to combine a sporty, high-performance hull according to the IOR regulations of the time with the features and amenities that make a boat suitable for family cruising. Fontana/Maletto/Navone perform the small miracle, creating a boat of moderate weight and length that is easy to handle and fun in most contexts.

The model we offer, visible in Capo d’Orlando Marina, Sicily, dates back to 1983 and is in good condition. A perfect race-cruiser, powered by 36-horsepower Bukh and with 3 cabins, 8 berths, 1 toilet/shower, 5 sails. The rudder is tiller-type.

  • Do you have a Classic Boat to sell, or are you looking for one? In its boat sheet you will find contacts for info, advice and quotes for buying and selling through our qualified broker.

X-442 – 13.50 m – Much more than a cruiser/racer

Moving on. The fourth of the boats used under the lens is still a cruiser/racer, but from a later generation.

Used boats - X-442
Used boats – X-442

In production since 1993, theX-442 (13.50 x 4.20 m) is a successful design by Niels Jeppesen (it underwent a slight restyling with the MKII version starting in 1999). In total, more than 100 examples have come out of the Danish shipyard. The construction is sandwich fiberglass integrated with a steel structure. The result is a boat with exceptional rigidity. A very fast boat, great for long cruises.

Sailing performance is at the highest level, especially upwind. The deck is functional with a large cockpit where a rudder wheel as large as 1.60 m in diameter towers. Inside, just down the ladder, there is a toilet on the left and the large chart on the right. A large square then opens up with a dinette on the left opposed to the kitchen. In the stern are two twin cabins and in the bow is a powder room with one or two cabins, depending on the version. Excellent finishes.

The model for sale, visible in Bari, is from 2000 (so MKII): it is in excellent condition.

Dynamique Express 44 – 13.75 m – The cruiser according to Joubert/Nivelt

We close with a boat out of the chorus, returning to the world of the 1980s. A Dynamique Express 44 (13.75 x 4.40 m) ketch-rigged. The boat, in production from 1980 to 1986, was built by the Dynamique Yachts shipyard to a design by Joubert & Nivelt.

Used boats – Dynamique Express 44

A distinctive boat, characterized by a “flush” deck (by the standards of the time) and the deckhouse positioned very far aft. As very aft is the well-protected cockpit.

The model under review is from 1983. Flying Polish flag is visible in Lazio, Fiumicino. The engine is Perkins (90 horsepower), and the interior-with teak trim-is configured with three cabins, two bathrooms, and a total of nine berths. The boat went through a major refit in 2016 and is still ready to sail (it was surveyed last season, slight osmosis principle to be evaluated in advanced negotiation).

Edited by Eugenio Ruocco

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