Three useful accessories for winter sailing

sea in winter

In winter there is no boating. In fact, yes, just equip yourself with the right accessories to do so. When the cold season arrives, many sailboat owners keep their boats moored or in the yard for winterization. A pity, considering that by now the temperatures are not as cold as they used to be, and one could really make use of the boat twelve months of the year. For example, by taking advantage of these three products found in the Accessories Pavilion within the Boat Show by Giornale della Vela.

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Winter sailing. The watermaker for all boats – Osmosea

Osmosea ‘s desalinators, thanks to their compatibility with the NMEA 2000 protocol, dialogue perfectly with any type of multifunction display on the on-board instrumentation, allowing the system to be viewed and controlled from there. In addition, the physical remote panel and touchscreen panel allow, depending on the model, control of all desalinator functions. Controls and info include Start and Stop (also automatic, with a programmable timer), water pressure, gallons produced, and salinity monitoring.

The beauty of these reverse osmosis desalinators is that they operate (even in winter) completely without the aid of a power generator. Their operation relies solely on on-board batteries, because they are low-energy systems and additionally efficient because they recover about 85 percent of the energy produced.

The ultralight catwalk – Carbonautica

A catwalk as an accessory for winter? Yes, because this company’s are super lightweight and durable, even in cold temperatures and thunderstorms. Located in Slovenia and imported to Italy by Adria Ship, Carbonautica specializes in the production of fiberglass and carbon fiber equipment: its catwalks have the advantage of weighing very little (this one pictured in fiberglass weighs less than 10 kilograms) and being very strong, with a load capacity of 400 kilograms. 230 cm long, and 40 cm wide, this type of folding walkway lends itself easily to stowage and has accommodations for mounting a handrail system.

Here are the features of the folding walkway:

  • Composite fiberglass structure
  • Size: 230cm x 37cm (115cm x 37cm x 15cm folded)
  • Weight: about 10 kg
  • Floating
  • 250 kg maximum load

Winter sailing. Protection from osmosis – Boer / Veneziani

Winter sailing. Aquastop - Veneziani Yachting
Aquastop – Veneziani Yachting

This product is a two-componentespecific treatment for the hull and fiberglass hulls affected by osmosis phenomena, and particularly recommended for a preventive protection treatment. Featuring excellent water resistance (salt, fresh) provides perfect waterproofing of the hull and provides excellent protection against osmosis, also acting as a perfect insulating bottom for submerged metal parts



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