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The Alpa 12.70 is one of 202 Classic Boats by Giornale della Vela that you can find in the “Classic Historic Boats” section

The need is finally met thanks to the new section our site “Classic Historic Boats.” Here you will find the more than 200 boats that are at least 25 years old that are revalued over others and how you can take advantage of the benefits through our appraisal, insurance, buying and selling services. Just register with the email and you’re done.

Le Classic Boat by Sailing Newspaper

Already 250,000 have read the news about Classic Boats, 2,000 have already registered for the section, 200 have used the service of appraisal, insurance, buying and selling. Let’s talk about the “Classic Boat” phenomenon that hit the Sailing Journal website in November when the “Classic Historic Boats” section was launched.

The reason for success is simple, there was a need to be met. But let’s start at the beginning, with the key question: can a used boat at least 25 years old appreciate in value compared to its current listing? Yes, as long as it is one of the 202 “Classic Boats by Giornale della Vela.”

To find out what the models are just click HERE.

You will find boats worthy of having an incremental valuation over the normal market value. In the table we have compared current used boat market values (minimum/max) with revalued “Historic Value” values (minimum/medium/max).

You will immediately be able to realize that the historical value of the boats entered gives at least 15 percent more than the used-market quotation. Provided, of course, that the boat has not been scrambled from the original, while constant technological upgrading over the years is a rewarding factor. Visit the section HERE and you will find not only the rating but also photos and text of each boat where it is explained why that particular model has become a “Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela.”

By entering the appropriate section of our website you will be able to verify and understand why those 202 boats, and only those, are worthy of having an incremental valuation over the normal market value. The editorial staff of the Sailing Journal is constantly updating the list, after careful analysis, model by model. And it will continue to put in new boats.

Criteria for Classic Boats by Sailing Newspaper

The chronological criterion needed to enter the world of Classic Boats is simple:

Each model must be mass-produced (at least 5 copies produced)

the date of construction (first specimen) must be between 1967 and 1998, that is, it must be at least 25 years old. To understand, in 2024 the new inbound are boats built since 1999.

Then there is the second criterion for the classification of “Classic Boat by Journal of Sailing,” that of merit.

Each model is selected by our experts for innovation, quality, originality, and sailing characteristics. That is why not all boats benefit from historical revaluation. But don’t worry, there are every size, from 7 to over 20 meters, and for every pocket.

The discriminating factor in choosing them is simple-they have a historical value that makes them objects of worship, worthy of preservation and constant maintenance. Exactly as with classic cars or fine real estate, some are better than others. And if they are well maintained, their value increases more.

How to enhance the value of your Classic Boat by Sailing Newspaper

And this is where the service that Il Giornale della Vela concretely makes available to those who want to concretely take advantage of the benefits of “Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela” certification comes into play.

There are three steps that need to be taken:


The initial step is for the Classic Boat to be viewed and verified by an experienced certified appraiser “by Journal of Sailing.” After assessing the condition of the boat, he is able to complete an appraisal form and certify the historical value of the boat. In each boat’s sheet you will find the contact information of our top appraisers for reference.


The second and very important step is to insure the boat at a fair value, which incorporates the value assigned by the appraiser who also uses the “Classic boat of historical value by Giornale della Vela” quote as a parameter, using leading insurance companies. The insurance broker is selected by the Sailing Newspaper and you will find the contact information in each boat’s file.


The third eventual step is: do you want to buy or sell a “Classic boat by Giornale della Vela”? We have selected one of the major brokers(contact in the boat tabs) who can search the market for available boats in case you are buying or offering a Classic Boat for sale, looking for a reliable buyer.



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