Classic Boats by Giornale della Vela – How much are 11.7 to 12.2 m boats worth


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Farr 39; Cookson Boats, NZ; 11.89 x 3.82 m; 1995; Bruce Farr

There are boats that are worth more than others and will be worth even more over time: these are the
Classic Boats by Giornale

of Sailing
, fiberglass and mass-produced boats built since 1967 and with a minimum of 25 years on their backs, selected on the basis of very precise canons that transcend the age of the artifact and focus on its intrinsic historical value, starting with the overall design qualities and the originality of the boat in its context. We have identified 175 HERE (with boat sheet, measurements, year of design, market quotations) but the list is constantly being updated.

The three steps to enhance your Classic Boats

Well, is your boat a Classic Boat? Now we explain how to dignify Classic Boats by Journal of Sailing and increase their value. We have created a network of professionals dedicated to precisely this enhancement.

  • The first mandatory step in enhancing the value of a historic Classic Boat by Giornale della Vela is appraisal. We have identified two “top” appraisers(Davide Zerbinati and Danilo Fabbroni) who can draw up a real Classic Boat certification and see the historical value of the boat recognized. Only by careful analysis of the state of the property and its maintenance over the years, as well as checking that the original design has not been distorted, can its value be certified.
  • Insurance Is the indispensable second step after the appraisal. Today it is difficult for an insurance company to value a boat that is at least 25 years old for its true value. With our initiative and a proper appraisal provided by our recognized broker(David Insurance), the intrinsic value of the asset is also recognized by the insurance company. And if the appraisal certified the boat’s excellent condition–the prize might even be
  • Buying and selling is the third step that required dedicated professionals: we involved one of Italy’s leading brokers(Abayachting) capable of transposing the real value of each of the current 175 selected boats, both in the case of selling and buying. It helps you sell it or buy it at the best price by selecting the best buyer or buyer, performing an assessment of the boat’s condition.
  • Our “dream team” of appraisers, insurers and brokers can be contacted with a click directly from the boat tabs.

5 Classic Boats by Giornale della Vela from 11.7 to 12.2 m (and how much they are worth)

And now we continue with introducing 5 Classic Boats by Giornale della Vela. Today we look at some iconic models from 11.7 to 12.2 meters.

Classic Boats. KOALA 39/38

Nordcantieri; 11.70 x 3.60 m; 1970 – 75; Michel Bigoin

A marine boat and suitable for long sailing, this 39-footer signed Bigoin is one of Nordcantieri’s major projects. Comfortable and with docile lines, the boat’s success is not to be underestimated, so much so that a major redesign will be made in 1975. Thus was born the Koala 38, different in the deckhouse, now with an off-center drum, but philosophically the same as its sister. An alternative with good pedigree.

Find out how much Koala 39 and 38 are worth

Classic Boats Koala 39
Koala 39/38; Nordcantieri; 11.70 x 3.60 m; 1970 – 75; Michel Bigoin


Cookson Boats, NZ; 11.89 x 3.82 m; 1995; Bruce Farr

It is Farr’s Project 336, which, with Cookson Boats, signs a qualitatively impeccable, high-performance boat. Fast and competitive, she is the offspring of the Farr IMS 39 prototype (279) and will leave a remarkable mark both on the race courses and on the later design, from which, moreover, the great Farr 40 will emerge. A classic among mid-1990s IMS racers.

Find out how much the Farr 39 ML is worth

Farr 39 ML; Cookson Boats, NZ; 11.89 x 3.82 m; 1995; Bruce Farr

Classic Boats. C&C 39

C&C Yachts; 11.96 x 3.49 m; 1971; Cuthbertson & Cassian

One of the first series designs conceived around the new IOR canons. It is an elegant, fast and generous upwind hull, prized for its qualities and build quality. With 48 examples built in just a few years, it is a true Classic Boat, perfect for lovers of late 1960s and early 1970s design.

Find out how much C&C 39 is worth

Classic Boats. C&C 39
C&C 39; C&C Yachts; 11.96 x 3.49 m; 1971; Cuthbertson & Cassian


Beneteau; 11.99 x 3.80 m; 1985; Groupe Finot

“Not everyone competes in the Admiral’s Cup, but many dream of doing so” -that was the statement with which Beneteau launched the First Class 12, its IOR 40′ signed by Groupe Finot. Three special hulls participated inAdmiral’s in ’87, making the boat a must among racers of the time.

Find out how much First Class 12 is worth

First Class 12; Beneteau; 11.99 x 3.80 m; 1985; Groupe Finot

Classic Boats. IW-40

IW-Varvet; 12.10 x 3.50 m; 1975; Sparkman & Stephens

Big brother to the IW-31, this 40-footer from the Swedish shipyard was also signed by Sparkman & Stephens, immediately proving to be a boat with good speed capabilities, designed specifically for the discerning cruiser, seeking performance as much as comfort. An elegant boat of top quality.

Find out how much the IW-40 is worth

Classic Boats. IW-40
IW-40; IW-Varvet; 12.10 x 3.50 m; 1975; Sparkman & Stephens

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