Boating homicide, now a law. What are the penalties

Nautical homicide
Boating homicide is the new crime published in the Official Gazette

Finally, boating homicide is law. As we anticipated in our article that came out in February this year, the new law is published in Official Gazette No. 237, and will come into effect on Oct. 25, 2023. Up to 18 years of imprisonment is at stake.

Boating homicide, new crime, what changes

The bill(DDL No. 340) presented on the initiative of Senator Alberto Balboni, was debated and approved, becomes “LAW Sept. 26, 2023 , no. 138 Introduction of the crime of nautical homicide and the crime of nautical personal injury

Therefore, Art 589-bis is updated, the incipit of which is:
Whoever culpably causes the death of a person with violation of the regulations on the regulation of traffic road traffic or maritime or inland navigation shall be punished With imprisonment from two to seven years.

The penalties for boating homicide

Boating homicide includes certain penalty aggravations related to driving while in
state of intoxication alco

lic or psycho-f

isic conse


to the intake of drugs

acent or psi
cotrope. Here, then, is an extreme summary of the penalties involved:

  • 2 to 7 years imprisonment, for causing the death of a person.
  • 8 to 12 years imprisonment if murder occurs while intoxicated/under the influence of drugs
  • Up to 18 years imprisonment for causing the death of multiple people.
  • Penalty aggravators provided for uninsured vehicle or expired driver’s license.

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The penalties for injury

The law also provides specific penalties for culpable injury, in summary:

  • 3 months to 1 year imprisonment, for serious injury
  • 1 year to 3 years for grievous bodily harm.
  • 3 to 5 years if the injuries are caused by being under the influence of alcohol/mental impairment

The full text of the law is available in Gazette 237-2023

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