From today in Sardinia you use your boat as a hotel room

Diffused Nautical HotelGood news. From today, you can sleep on a boat in Sardinia as if you were in a hotel room. With all the hotellerie services and an added advantage: with the boat you can sail – by day and within three miles of the coast – wherever you like, discovering the coast and nature. It has been formally recognized as theAlbergo Nautico Diffuso, which adds the safety, security, assistance, and services of a land-based facility (marina, marina, nautical base) to the merits and natural eco-sustainability of a boating vacation.

The Albergo Nautico Diffuso is law

A new form of green tourism that Sardinia was the first region to codify in a law (or rather, by amending Regional Law 16/2017). A process that we followed and advocated closely, participating in meetings with Confindustria Centro Nord Sardegna, Sviluppo Performance e Strategie Srl and Group Y – Yachting in Sardinia, the first promoters of the initiative.

Widespread nautical hotels will consist of not less than seven recreational units for not less than fifty “cabin” beds, and may be granted for use by clients only under leases of between a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of four weeks.

Night boating and boating beyond three miles from the baselines of territorial waters of recreational units constituting widespread nautical hotel is not allowed.

Who can be widespread nautical hotel

Also with a view to improving the quality of the accommodation offer, also and above all in terms of sustainability (environmental and social), Sardinia introduces for the first time a new recognition, which facilities can access if they meet certain requirements provided, again, by the new regional law amendments on the Albergo Nautico Diffuso. Respect for the environment but not only, also best practices in business or with architectural, cultural and food and wine initiatives that take into account the specificities, history and traditions of the Region of Sardinia, inclusion, accessibility.

The data reward the path taken by Sardinia, with an increase in arrivals 2023: 6,377,247 between ports and airports versus 6,005,971 in 2022.

Toward true nautical tourism

We hope that the region will act as a “driver” and others will follow suit, toward true Italian nautical tourism. There are still many steps to be taken. One is certainly that of setting up buoy camps along our coasts, along the lines of what is already happening in Spain (resounding example of the Cabrera nature park in the Balearic Islands, where you book your spot with a simple request on the Internet), Croatia Greece.

The Albergo Nautico Diffuso in brief

– When reserving a “room” at the Albergo Nautico Diffuso, a skipperless lease applies. The client can choose to rely on a skipper by dealing directly with him.

– It can only be carried out by solid companies, recognized according to legal parameters: a minimum of 50 beds (about 7 boats) are required to open the business.

– The client of the widespread nautical hotel can sail the boat. But only three miles from the coast and not during night hours. Should you need to sail at night, you may request a waiver.

– The fleet of boats that makes up the Albergo Nautico Diffuso is constantly monitored by an operations center reporting to the operator.



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