How I remake your deck: what to install to best renovate it

Mechanical Spring Vang - Bamar
Mechanical Spring Vang – Bamar

Checking, maintaining to the best of your ability (and in some cases replacing) deck equipment is critical, both for safety and to maintain a high market value for your boat. Winders, hydrauilic or mechanical systems and the best of equipment to be installed on deck: one of the leading (Italian) manufacturers is
. This is what it produces.

Deck. The lightweight and high-performance furling

FT Furler
is an extremely small drum in terms of size, produced without plastic elements and extremely functional. Its main feature is its very low tack, which allows it to integrate perfectly even with the deck plan of performance boats. Bamar ‘s new manual furler series “Flat Tack Furler ensures not only a very neat design, but really interesting performance. Bamar assures those who choose this furler of maximum ease of operation, light weight and very low maintenance, in addition to the small size that saves space on deck.

“Custom” spring vang

Bamar who designed and made a vang equipped with an internal spring that pushes the boom upward. The series consists of 6 models for boats from 9 to 19 meters. The length can be customized on board at the time of installation. The vang is made of silver or black anodized aluminum alloy with two telescopic tubes equipped at the ends with special attachment ends with built-in pulleys that form a compact line hoist with the possibility of return to the cockpit. The line can be locked onto the vang itself using the additional hoist.



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