Bestevaer 36 (11 m): the aluminum boat that goes against the current

Bestevaer 36
Bestevaer 36

If you like boats that mix old-fashioned lines with modern elements the Bestevaer 36 is a boat that might intrigue you in no small part. This is the smallest model of the Dutch brand Bestevaer, founded 20 years ago by naval architect Gerard Dijkstra, who specializes in building semi-custom, aluminum sailing and motor yachts at KM Yachtbuilders.

Bestevaer 36 – What a boat it is

This 11-meter aluminum boat is intended first and foremost to be a safe and seaworthy boat, suitable for even hard sailing when required. Because of this, it has a cockpit that is completely sheltered by the paramare running aft and a deckhouse that could be described as two-tiered. In fact, this one has a kind of second “tughino” close to the cockpit, which increases the protection of the cockpit as well as the internal height.

Going against the trend, the Bestevaer 36 mounts a tiller rudder with a “hanging” blade on the transom, which obviously, given the boat’s Nordic philosophy, is enclosed. The high distinction of this 36-footer is that it has a bayonet keel, among the options to choose from, which is well suited to the large tidal ranges of northern Europe.

The sail plan includes a square top mainsail and a fractional self-tacking jib. A second, more generously sized sail rigged at the masthead, such as a Code 0 or a Reacher, can be rigged on the dolphin boat for use in breezes.

Technicals Specs

Length f.t. 10.95 m

Gall length. 10,65 m

Width 3.80 m

Displacement .8.8 T

Immersion 0.70 m / 2.40 m



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