Do you dream of designing boats? There’s a (free) course for you

The Grand Soleil 40, presented at the last Cannes boat show, is the latest model in Cantiere del Pardo's range of sailboats
The Grand Soleil 40 is one of the latest boats produced by Cantiere del Pardo – a partner in the course

If you live in Emilia Romagna and dream of working in the marine industry, there is a free course for you that trains Design Technicians for the marine supply chain who are experts in developing innovative products with low environmental impact with a focus on performance and circular production process.

The requirements for entering the course

The Higher Technical Education and Training course, now in its fourth year, is aimed at unemployed and employed youth and adults. The only requirement is a high school diploma, or certification of skills acquired in other work and training experiences, and being a resident or domiciled in Emilia Romagna. Access is also allowed to candidates admitted to the fifth year of high school pathways and those who hold a vocational diploma obtained as a result of the fourth-year IeFP pathways.

There are 20 positions available and will be filled after a written selection test, with open-ended and multiple-choice questions, and an oral interview. The test will be held on Tuesday, November 7 and Wednesday, November 8, 2023.

Questions in the written test will cover:

  • key citizenship skills
  • computer science intermediate level
  • English basic level
  • logical-mathematical elements (mathematics fundamentals and computational tools)
  • elements of technical drawing
  • A section with psychological tools

The interview, on the other hand, is aimed at analyzing the written test and assessing the candidate’s consistency and awareness in relation to the job role. interpersonal skills, a proactive attitude, previous experience in the relevant field, organizational and problem solving skills, and ability to work in teams and by objectives will be measured.

This is the content that will be covered in the course:

  • Profile orientation, socialization and team work
  • Safety, environment and sustainability. The business world and active job search
  • Mathematical concepts, methods and tools.
  • Technical drawing of nautical product: reading and interpretation
  • Nautical design
  • Three-dimensional modeling: modeling software
  • 3D parametric modeling
  • Material technologies physical characteristics and performance, cost and economic impact
  • Nautical Concept Development and 3D Printing
  • Prototyping Process tools and methodologies
  • Sustainability and circularity in marine products and manufacturing processes/ Life Cycle Assessment
  • Elements of project management for managing and overseeing activities related to key processes
  • Boating regulations and code.
  • Green regulations

What professional figure does the course train

The objective is to train professionals capable of carrying out the detailed technical development of a nautical product, identifying its construction components and studying the technological solutions capable of combining performance aspects and sustainability of the production process. A more detailed description of the profile can be found in the course poster below.

CNA Training Emilia-Romagna course poster
CNA Training Emilia-Romagna course poster

When the free course takes place

After a course lasting 800 hours, including 480 hours in the classroom and 320 hours of internship, a Higher Technical Specialization Certificate in Industrial Design Techniques will be issued upon passing the final exam. The course will run from November 2023 to October 2024 , and the venue will be the CNA Formazione ER in Forlì, Viale Roma 274/B. The course’s partner companies include the likes of Cantiere del Pardo, Quick, and Ferretti Group. The training course is completely free of charge, co-financed with resources from the European Social Fund Plus of the Emilia-Romagna Region. The course is organized by CNA Formazione Emilia-Romagna.

For information and registration

There is time until October 30, 2023 to register for the course, for information:

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