With this generator, you never run out of power (even in the middle of the sea)

AC60 Generator - Bluetti
AC60 Generator – Bluetti

Running out of charge in the middle of the sea is never good, but it can happen. Batteries can become discharged, or lose efficiency over time and no longer have full charge and discharge capacity. Equipping a backup generator might then be a good idea to avoid this problem. Bluetti has developed two very useful solutions in this regard.

The generator that powers a hair dryer

At the heart of the Bluetti system is the AC60, a solar generator with 600W inverter and 403h lithium battery, compact (290x205x234 mm) and lightweight (9.1 kg) that makes little noise (less than 45 db). It can be recharged with solar panels up to 200W power, or by plugging it into the power grid (0 to 100% in one hour). It can also power through its seven outlets devices that require 1,200W of power, such as hair dryers and electric grills, thanks to its Power Lifting mode. To give an idea of what you can power with this generator: 5 hours of powering a mini fridge, 21 hours of powering an LED lamp, and 21 recharges of a smartphone.

B80 – The battery that boosts the Bluetti system

If the AC60 generator is not enough to meet your energy users, you can also implement the B80 battery in the system. With its 806Wh capacity and 9.88 kg weight, it is an excellent solution to increase the capacity of the AC60 to 2,015Wh, plus it can be used as a power source to charge smartphones, tablets and computers. The battery capacity, to give you an idea of the power, can charge a smartphone up to 43 times, a laptop up to 10 times, and power a light for more than 60 hours. For battery charging you can directly use the AC60 generator, solar panels or an AC adapter. Both of Bluetti’s products, the generator and battery, use lithium iron phosphate chemistry with LiFePO technology, come with a convenient handle and are IP65 certified, so they resist dust and splashes. Perfect to keep in the boat and use when needed! A 6-year extended warranty is also provided for both.



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