N Fun 30 (9 m): the daysailer that transforms from basic to superyacht

N Fun 30
N Fun 30

The trend in contemporary boating is to move toward larger and larger boats, 12 meters and up, yet there are those who continue to focus on smaller boats, such as the Polish shipyard N Fun Yacht, which brought its N Fun 30 to the Genoa Boat Show .

The small 9-meter boat was one of the most visited boats at the show: it is very intriguing because of its short length, but also because the style of the boat, sporty and customizable in so many elements, is a strong point of the N Fun 30.

N Fun 30 – Basic or superyacht style

The cruise version interior of the N Fun 30

The founder of the Polish shipyard is Marek Stanczyk, a professional sailor with good experience in match racing circuits, who decided to focus everything on a particular boat concept that is in high demand especially in northern Europe: small sport daysailers. Hence the idea of the N Fun 30, a boat designed by Eugeniusz Ginter, rather crisp under sail and with a minimum of interior for short cruises or sport weekends.

The special feature of this 9-meter is to be able to be customized as a real super yacht. Many options are available: 1 or 2 rudder blades, tiller or wheel, several options for the interior and exterior layout, as well as for the sail plan and keel, which can be fixed, bayonet or lift, with the boat being easily wheeled.

An out-of-the-box boat

The model displayed at the Genoa Boat Show

In fact, the model on display at the Genoa Boat Show is a super-equipped miniature superyacht: carbon wheel, double rudder blade, short-cruise interior, inboard electric motorization, oversized bowsprit, high-tech laminate sails. Accessories that raise the price in the full optional version, but we are talking, however, about a boat that in the basic version can be purchased for just over 70 thousand euros.

An out-of-the-chorus proposal in short, for a boat that also has clear Mediterranean characteristics and, thanks to the performance given by the ratio of sail plan to displacement, can guarantee great sailing fun somewhat in all conditions.



Technical Specs

Length 9 mt

Width 2.92 mt

Weight 2.1 tons

Maximum draught 1.8 mt

Mainsail 25 sqm

Jib 20 sqm

Asymmetrical 100 sqm



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