Here comes the mainsail furling boom for catamarans. Lagoon invented it

boom mainsail furler
Lagoon’s new patented mainsail furling boom for catamarans. Allows you to fit a full batten mainsail and easily keep track of hoisting, lowering and reefing maneuvers

Modern cruising catamarans are all, by now, equipped with hardtops. A trend that allows for double-decker boat living by maximizing livable space, but it brings with it a problematic issue. The impossibility of having a vang that “blocks” the boom. That is why on catamarans the furling mainsail on the boom was not a viable solution, without the boom at 90° to the mast furling in the boom is not possible. To date.

The mainsail furling boom for catamarans

Then came Lagoon, which introduced its new mainsail furling boom for catamarans 46 feet and up. A device that took years and years of research and experimentation, developed by the Lagoon team in collaboration with Incidence Sails and Wichard. A system that will make it possible to increase an owner’s sailing hours on his catamaran, helping him in those conditions where he might have preferred to sail by motor to avoid struggling with maneuvering.

The advantages of the Lagoon boom furling boom

One of the main advantages of the Lagoon mainsail furling boom is that the furling spindle is not enclosed in a housing. This makes it very easy to observe and precisely control hoisting, reefing and furling maneuvers. In addition, the resulting reduction in overall mass minimizes the risk of damage in the event of an unintentional jibe.

How the Lagoon boom mainsail furler works

The mainsail boom furler is a simple but robust solution designed to make the sailing experience easier and intended for the Lagoon 46 and Lagoon 51 and developed in collaboration with Incidence and Groupe Wichard .

One of the main advantages of the Lagoon mainsail winder is that the winding spindle is not enclosed in a housing. This brings a number of advantages, including the ability to precisely observe and control hoisting, reefing and furling maneuvers.
The Lagoon system is retained by a topping lift end stop and includes a horizontal feeder adjustment, which provides a more favorable angle of attack for the luff.
In addition, the system distributes the loads that the slats exert on the luff, significantly increasing its durability.

How it works

The Lagoon boom furling system works on 3 basic principles:
1. The mainsail must be completely left
2. The catamaran must be held with its head to the wind.
2. It is necessary to maintain a good tension on the luff at all times, both during hoisting and furling; the halyard should not be left becalmed.
When one of the winches is used to hoist or furl the mainsail, an e-Watch option alerts the user if the topping lift is not in the stop position or if the mainsail sheet is not sufficiently let down.



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