VIDEO In search of the perfect deck plan with Ubi Maior

Ubi Maior on the Nacira
Aboard the 69-foot Nacira, the deck equipment is all Ubi Maior Italia

How to equip the deck of a sailboat to make it as comfortable as possible to handle-even with a small or “family” crew-without, however, sacrificing performance?

The perfect deck plan with Ubi Maior Italy

We illustrate this with an example. In fact, in this video, we tell you in detail how Ubi Maior Italia (a Tuscan company recognized as an international excellence for its high-quality deck equipment) intervened on the 69-footer Nacira. Pulleys, pulleys, furlers, Jiber (the company’s exclusive patented structural furler), connectors aboard a boat equipped to go–in comfort–around the world…

In fact, the Nacira has traveled more than 30,000 miles around the world’s seas. And, as her commander was able to tell us, she has never needed any repair work as far as deck equipment is concerned.

You will also discover how these Italian technology concentrates are born: if they are first prototypes made by 3D printing, they soon become “series” solutions that are also perfect for your cruising boat. Enjoy your viewing!

Video – The equipment on the Nacira


The professionals at Ubi Maior Italy

Ubi Maior Italia was born from the desire to offer deck equipment for sailboats of the highest functional and construction quality. The Tuscan company synthesizes craftsmanship knowledge, the latest production techniques and the experience of those who have made a passion for sailing their life.



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