The high-tech autoclave to power all on-board services

Marco’s UP6/E series autoclave pump

Marco ‘s autoclave pumps with smart sensor and integrated flange offer high performance even for extended periods and under extreme conditions. They are excellent for installation on boats from eight meters to over 25 meters, and can handle capacities from 52 to 92 liters.

Whether you are cruising for several weeks or going out for a few days, fresh water is one of those things that can never be lacking aboard a boat. In addition to the capacity of the tanks and the operation of the plumbing faucets, there is one key component to consider in order to make the whole system work at its best. We are talking about electronic autoclave pumps. As we are seeing in recent years then, the evolution of the market is delivering us modern sailboats, with increasing size and with increasingly complex and capillary systems. Bigger boats mean more people on board, thus more consumption and important needs regarding utilities. A very smart solution to better manage onboard services are Marco’s autoclave pumps with Smart Sensor for freshwater and saltwater transfer. These are extremely innovative products with a patented integrated flange, totally designed and manufactured in Italy, but which are installed as standard on board the yachts of some of the most important international shipyards.

How to pump more than 90 liters of water per minute

These devices are available in a full range with flow rates from 10 to 46 liters per minute for single pumps and 52 to 92 liters per minute for dual systems, meeting the demands of vessels from 8 to over 25 meters. Thanks to the smartn pressure sensor (equipped with a microprocessor), Marco autoclaves in this series are able to regulate the required flow rate by managing and varying the motor speed according to water demand. With this sensor, pressure, current, and voltage are kept constantly under control, thus enabling optimization of consumption (both power and water) and reducing wear and tear on all system components, while also protecting it from short circuits and overvoltages. Not to mention the system’s quieter operation, a much appreciated plus especially aboard sailboats. These self-priming pumps have a universal 12/24V voltage: they can autonomously recognize the voltage and adjust the power supply. When in operation, the autoclaves also provide instant feedback on their operating status via intuitive LED lights, and they can also be controlled remotely via the very convenient remote control panel.



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