VIDEO – How the “boat under management” formula works (and what the benefits are)

Dufour Catamarans 48
The Dufour Cat 48 is among the boats available for purchase in Marina Yacht Sales’ Yacht Management program

Buying a boat by paying half its value is not just a slogan, it is a real possibility offered by the yacht management or boat under management formula. One of the specialists in this area, Angelo Bacci, CEO of Marina Yacht Sales, explained what these programs are and how they work.

How it works and what boats are available

In the video below it is well explained how you can do to pay for a boat half its value. By purchasing a boat under ‘ Yacht Management formula , the boat is included in the charter fleet of Marina Yacht Charter, a group company. Ownership of the boat remains with the owner but the boat is used for charter, and the owner is given a share of the profit, allowing him or her to get back half the list price at the end of the program. The shipowner is left with the desired weeks for his or her vacation, which can be decided and blocked from year to year, even at different times. It is all explained in the video below.

Marina Yacht Sales – The formula of the boat under management with Yacht Management

The boats available are those of the Dufour Catamarans and Bavaria Yacht brands, but there is the possibility of including your own boat you already own in the management program as well, under certain conditions.

Another advantage for the owner is savings on all operating expenses, cleaning, berth, and routine maintenance. The company has four different ones in Tuscany (Marina di San Vincenzo), Campania (Salerno), Sardinia (Cannigione) and Sicily (Portorosa). The owner can decide, through a specific program, to move the boat to the four different bases available. A unique opportunity to discover different places and seas!



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