Vele d’Epoca 2023, 24th edition concluded. Here are all the results

Vintage Sails 2023
Vele d’Epoca di Imperia 2023 © Martina Orsini

Vele d’Epoca 2023, 24th edition concluded. Here are all the results

Yesterday was a day of awards and celebrations in Imperia, as the city saw the conclusion of the 24th edition of Vele d’Epoca, a four-day event and regatta under the banner of sailing. On the other hand, the Imperia Cup, which for the first time this year saw ex-Olympic 8 Meters International Tonnage class compete, ended on Saturday. So let us start with the latter in seeing the official rankings, surrounded by some shots, which are unfailing for an event of this kind, rich in history and fascinating projects.

Vintage Sails 2023
Vele d’Epoca di Imperia 2023 © Martina Orsini

Imperia Cup 2023 | Rankings 8M SI

Taking the victory of the first edition of the Imperia Cup then, after the 4 races held by the 8 Meters S class, is Vision KC-3, the 1930 hull of Paolo Manzoni, flag bearer of the Yacht Club Imperia. Second place in the ranking goes instead to Angelo Mazzarella’s Carron II, followed in third by the Falcon, by Jan Villiam Mauritz Vqma.

8M SI - Vintage Sails 2023
8M SI – Vele d’Epoca di Imperia © Martina Orsini

Vintage Sails 2023 | Big Boats, Classics and Vintage

After a cancelled first and fourth day, with only two races run in total, taking home the top step in the Big Boats category is Tuiga, from the Yacht Club of Monaco, on the strength of a double first place on the water. Second place, however, for Marinella, by Carlo Falcone, followed by Hallowe’en by Inigo Strez.

Vintage Sails 2023
Tuiga. Vele d’Epoca di Imperia © Martina Orsini

Winning the Classic category , Group 1, with a comeback from the previous day, is Optimist, which drops Arcadia III to the No. 2 step. Slipping off the last available step is Crivizza who, despite a 2nd place in the second round, discounts the DSQ accumulated on the first day. He thus gains third place Palynodie II, closing out the category podium. Instead, the winner in Classics, Group 2 is Argynne III, with a third and a first place, followed by Pilgrim and, in third, Outlaw.

Vintage Sails 2023
Palynodie; Vele d’Epoca di Imperia © Martina Orsini

In the Epoch Auric class to win is Marga, on the strength of a first and a second place, followed by Olympian who instead signs a 3, 1. Third place goes instead to Endrik. Serenade triumphs with a double first in Epoch Marconi 1, followed by Skylark of 1937 who signs two second places instead. Third place is Binker. Epoch Marconi 2 is instead won by Alcyone, followed by Java and Barbara respectively. Closing out the Epoch division, Flicka won the Epoch 4 group, with Greylag and Tirrenia close behind.

Binker; Vele d’Epoca di Imperia © Martina Orsini

Vintage Sails 2023 | IOR Classics and Spirit of Tradition

Experiencing the first victory in the newly created Classic IOR category is Sagittarius, followed by Resolute Salmon and Ojala II. A little train of results that mirrors that of the first day even continuing in the rankings, a ranking that does not award decisive points to anyone here, the second trial being crowned for all by NSC or DSQ. Winning instead in Spirit of Tradition is Leon Pancaldo, followed by former America’s Cup French Kiss and Valentina.

French Kiss; Vele d’Epoca di Imperia © Martina Orsini

Thus ends, in short, this 24th edition of the Imperia International Sailing Week, with 62 hulls competing on the water as much as on land, maintaining high standards of a sailing that perhaps, all things considered, has not gone away. Finally, the French Olympian won the Elegance award, attracting good attention with its pendant of green hull and matching uniforms.

Vintage Sails 2023
Olympian. Vele d’Epoca di Imperia © Martina Orsini

Three “tidbits” about Classic Boats



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